HMB Jetty Fishing Bulk Post!

Been out fishing the half moon bay jetties three or four times. Only have pictures from two trips, other trips was busy/lazy.

Lost my glasses on one trip too :[ Right under the 51 marker on the south jetty, harbor side. A fly attacked my face, I shook my head, and my glasses went flying…Turns out they sink pretty damn fast T.T Tried for 10-15 minutes to hook it, but couldn’t find it at the bottom. qq
So we have this running joke that I give blood tributes to the jetty in exchange for a plethora of fish. Basically I get cut/hurt/bleed just about every time we go out fishing, so its become tradition. We also noticed that after I start bleeding the fishing picks up. Also there is a direct correlation in amount of blood lost to amount of fish caught…

Anyways! in exchange for my glasses (200+$…I pulled out all the stops since I figured I’d have it for years…just bought it 2 months ago T.T) I pulled up a cabezon minutes later. A 13″ cabezon. I have never been stricken by a want to poach so badly in my life. Dear gawd. $200 for an undersized cabezon…TO LOOK AT? VERY FUNNY JETTY. Here’s the cabezon that almost didn’t get away :

Pretty. Never seen one that color before either. And at the time, I couldn’t see it either… -.-

Okay now that the rant is done, lets take a few steps back to another day before ^^

…Uhhm. Actually I seem to have gotten mixed up with what I have and haven’t posted now…too much lag between these trips and me getting around to posting >.< summary then!

went out to south jetty, no fish what so ever. No bites. Watched some asian fellows pull up 2-3 perch within minutes of arriving and them starting to fish. Laaaaame. After 2-3 hours of no bites I decided to try the other side. I somehow managed to fall twice. Pretty badly. Bruised the hell out of a bunch of limbs (and I’d later realize a rib, and more badly my shoulder blade that required me to pop advil constantly for a week…). Within 5 minutes I hooked into something that rocked me. Not to be discouraged after the first sign of action in hours, I quickly retied & baited and dropped back down in the same area. Within seconds got hit hard and whatever it was took off! Nearly couldn’t keep up with my light pole, and it took me 2-3 minutes to fight it up. Result:
Fatty black perch/pogy off south jetty @ half moon bay

Biggest perch I’ve ever seen in my life. I think its a black perch/pogy? Not even close to sure about that. Wouldn’t even fit in my bucket if it was straightened out. Must’ve been at least 2-3lbs. I’m impressed how hard these things fight. If I got better at surf fishing and could consistently catch even half size ones I’d have a blast I bet.

Anyhow I caught a tiny 3-4″ rock cod after that, and that was it. Ran into the DFG (DFW? DGW? i forget what their name was changed to) and chatted with him a bit. Biggest perch he’s seen in awhile, but they do occasionally get that big. Exciting news, one day I’ll catch another! :3

Later that day I ran back to meet up with two old coworkers to continue fishing. Had a great day, hauled in maybe another 10-15 fish between the three of us?
First jetty fish!

His first jetty fish! Look at the bend in the pole, wicked d= We wound up with an eel too. End result (cooked at another friends house to celebrate chinese new years):

On to the time I fell. Caught 1 keeper size rock cod a little while later, and a couple more small ones. Decided to keep & eat the keeper rock cod since it was basically a $200 fish… Also hauled in a 6-7″ rock crab that day.
Anyone ever notice when they’re these kinda purple/red colors they’re super aggressive? Anyhow, I tossed it back. Noone crabbing out there was interested in rock crabs.
I did run into one guy earlier in the morning who was on his way back with 6 dungies, all over 6″, and a rock crab over 5″. He mentioned he never gets skunked at his spot out there. Some day I’ll give it a shot, they were some huuuuge crabs.
As I was leaving the jetty thought it would be funny for a group of people to haul in a large ling cod as I passed by. Didn’t fall for the trick, and continued leaving. Not going to take any more from me that day jetty!
Fish turned into this:
rock cod cooked asian style
Made from some diced green onions and garlic. Would have had ginger, but ran out and didn’t feel like going out.
didn’t marinate the fish. just 2 slits cut into the fish on each side, and salted.
then I covered it in flour (thin layer, patted excess off) and fried.

Sauce was soy sauce, vinegar, and sugar. Mixed to taste.

Oh forgot. Twice while I was out on the south jetty I spotted this guy:
Net fishing?
I think he was going for herring? First time I saw him I went by the harbor parking lots to pick up an energy drink. Saw a couple walking away with a huuuge bag of herring. Wonder if they spawn in the harbor at half moon bay?

And we finally reach my most recent trip, on the 22nd, last friday. Went out in the late evening after picking up my dad from the airport. Wanted to try some new shallow areas to fish. Had seen some medium size rock cod pulled up around there, figured there must be deepwater pockets around. Went a bit slow. This ~8″ cabezon was the only real result:
small cabezon
Was using shrimp and a sliding egg sinker. 3/0 octopus hook.

I’ve hooked into something really large and really strong here twice now. No idea what it is, but I can’t seem to bring it out with either my light pole (quick pull out of the hole) or my ugly stick rod (brute strength + 20lb braid). So far both times I lost and snapped the line trying to get it out. On my light pole I dragged the fight out for maybe 3 minutes before I lost it. Really wonder if its just an absurdly large eel. Though in my experience cabezon sometimes feel pretty snaggy and fight close to eels sometimes…I dunno. Whatever it was doubled my light pole over instantly. I’d love to try some more, but I feel bad. What if its running around with 2 hooks in its mouth now because of me? :[ Maybe if I straight up went poke pole + 100lb line I could really muscle it out of its hole…

Anyhow. Here’s a scumbag 5″ brown rock crab that latched onto my bait instantly.
Released. Just glad he didn’t wedge himself into a corner somewhere before I pulled him up.

Caught a canary, fought really hard. Was excited, but then rather disappointed when I saw what it was… copper rock cod. Thanks for the information from readers & folks at PFIC!
Copper Rock Cod

You can’t keep these. They’re protected for some reason. I swear there’s too many of them whenever you fish for rock cod…They look very similar to another kind of rock cod, but I don’t have a picture on hand of it. Be careful with these, there’s a hefty hefty fine on them if you keep a canary.

catch of the night
Caught a ton of fish that night. Only maybe 1/3 of the over all # was from the shallow area. But I have pulled up a rather fat, but short, grassy really shallow. There’s a nice pocket that produced another 3 fish on top of that one. All released.
I kept these other fish from deeper areas on the jetty. All over 10″. For some reason the most recent trip, most of the fish have been quite skinny. Small, large, all skinny. Long and skinny. Wonder if its because of the wind & weather lately? Winds haven’t really dropped below 9-10mph on the forecast for maybe 1.5 weeks now. Though friday night had maybe an hour long period where it was dead calm. It was amazing. No swell, no wind. I was using my favorite 1/4oz jig with no problems what so ever.

I decided to try my hand at filleting the fish that night. Went to the HMB pier to clean, was hoping to maybe chat with a few friendly crabbers/fishermen. Was surprised to find maybe 15-20 people on the pier that late at night. I think maybe 12 of them were all part of one group. They’d set up a tent, and a circle of chairs around the cleaning station. Dickfucks didn’t even let me clean my fish there. I had to drive off to another cleaning station to take care of my fish. Noone that night was particularly friendly so I didn’t bother talking to anyone or asking how the fishing was. Rawr! Was going to give my fish guts away, but instead let the crabs have it for free elsewhere. Way to be a dick other people.

Anyhow, turned my rock cod into baconfish.
bacon wrapped fresh rock cod

Wasn’t too bad. Could’ve been better. I completely spaced out and forgot to season/marinate the fish. Was nice to have some fresh fish again. And that gets us all caught up! Rigs run all that time was plain and simple: carolina rig. 1/2-1oz sliding egg sinkers, 3/0 or 4/0 octopus hooks (lazer or mustard? something cheap). palomar knot to attach hook to line. Gear was 20lb braid and either a medium light action 7′ ugly stick, or a slightly shorter and lighter pole (no idea what it is off the top of my head). At some points I used a 1/4oz leadhead jig. Bait was either squid or shrimp.

Rest of pictures can be found here:

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  1. Hi, I found your blog through the PFIC forums. Nice report. Anyways just wanted to let you know that I’m pretty sure that rockfish you caught that you tossed back, the canary, is actually a copper rockfish. Either that or a gopher rockfish, but I’m more inclined to the former. You should post on the forum to get a 100% ID. Many props on following the regs but I think in this occasion that is a fish you’re allowed to keep. Canaries lack the brown splotches and are more of an orange fish with, at times, white splotches. Anyways, thanks for the report, I’m learning quite a bit from your posts.

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