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Yikes. Its been awhile since I posted.
Been so busy with work & other misc. projects. Started making a mollegabet bow recently too. I think since I last posted I’ve fished three times?

Went out to the bodega head jetty (the further, harder to reach one). The one with the cliff face that you have to climb…it was an interesting experience. I had a video of the way back up, but I seem to have lost it : Anyhow, here’s how it looked:
Bodega Head Jetty

And that’s only part of it…we still had to hoof it to the farther parking lot d=

Bodega Head Loop Trail map

Only parking lot open at the time we went was where the finger is. The closer one was closed for some reason. So we hoofed it from the parking lot, to that parking lot, then along the loop trail and down to the jetty. There are multiple beaten paths that meet up and all eventually go down there. Kinda interesting.

Here’s what it looked like from atop the hill

Bodega Bay Jetties

Looks nice from here d= Last time we were on the jetty on the left. Were considerably more people on that jetty than the head jetty. Was just me, and my two fishing buddies for the day

Josh & Kara 😀

For anyone wondering, the north jetty wasn’t any easier to traverse. Especially since I didn’t have my new glasses yet, and wasn’t wearing contacts… We got out to around just before the first bend/outcropping of rocks. Set up and started fishing the outer facing side. I wasn’t having much luck and hopped over to the inner channel side and saw 2 dive guys following the jetty out. Not sure if they had any luck, I later saw them coming back in along the jetty. Visibility didn’t look too great from where I was standing.

I kept getting really weak tugs and bites, mostly baby eels from what I saw and felt. Pulled up a baby 2″ cab at one point. Josh hooked into a HUGE perch. I started moving off and eventually worked my way to the end of the jetty to fish for maybe 30 minutes. Took me 30 minutes to hop my way out to there @_@ Couldn’t find any lings or rock cod out there. Wound up pulling a greenling and large monkey face eel.

12″ greenling, just legal

Area at the end looked quite fishy, but didn’t have time to continue fishing since the tide was coming back in and might’ve cut our return off.

Showed back up to find out that Josh had managed to land 3 large perch total! Not bad :] Bait was shrimp. I caught my fish using shrimp as well.

Perch, Greenling, And Monkey Face Eel

Thanks to Kara for taking a picture for me. I completely forgot to.

Also hit up the half moon bay jetty some evening. Seems like now is not a good season. Didn’t get a single bite, even though I stubbed the shit out of my toe.
Blood tribute fail? Tried to buy a lotto ticket, only matched one number d=

Went out another night and caught a bunch of baby rock cod, all under 5″. Tons of small bites, but the fish were so small they wouldn’t even get hooked properly. I lost count of how many I pulled up only to have drop off right at my feet. At least the boat based angling opens up next week. Hoping to hit up the capitola reefs on a kayak for smelt & rock cod. If we can find a school of smelt, man…last year was awesome when we ran into them. Was great until we ran out of sabikis.

Anyhow! Went kayaking in HMB last weekend. Maiden voyage for my new kayak! Was not a great success. 10mph winds is apparently enough to blow you into the jetty wall rather quickly, and enough to blow hoop nets around on the bottom to catch nothing but mud. Kara managed to catch 1 rock crab, my pot had nothing. Was good getting out and finally using the kayaks though. Was an interesting experience rigging up 2 kayaks to my toyota camry d=

And that just about catches us up! As always, rest of images can be found in the album here:

Oh and if you see someone running around with a silver/black/red chainmail bracelet on their left arm, that’s probably me :] I may wander out to the bay somewhere this weekend in search of smelt. Running low on fresh bait. Going to add tags & head to bed now. Need to work on my bow tomorrow!

Oh also, while we were out at bodega bay they had the “Tall Ships” thing going. I think they had 2 ships that were used in the filming of the pirates of the carribbean movies out there.

At one point I heard a gunshot and I literally dropped onto my stomach on the rocks. For some reason I thought someone was shooting at me. After like 20 seconds I looked around and saw smoke coming off the side of one of the ships and figured out they just shot the cannon… d=

Also here’s an old photo. Not sure I ever posted it here though. Was from the half moon bay north jetty. One of the super low tides when we were out clamming.

Half Moon Bay’s a nice place ^^

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