Fishin’ That Half Moon Bay Jetty

Was going to go out and fish with some NCKA guys around 2pm on Sunday, but something came up that I had to take care of…wound up not being free until 3:30 and was too late to go running off after them…

So I decided to just hit up the jetty and scope it out.  Haven’t been on the south jetty in months and months, figured it would be good to revisit it and brush up on my spots.
Here’s a quick video covering how to hook bait when going for eels.

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Sorry everyone, its been awhile :]  Been quite busy as of late, and many big decisions to ponder.

Going to cover a few things in this update.  Website updates, LA trip (foooooood, & where to eat), fishing in Captiola (on 9/8/2013).

As a heads up this site may move & be hosted somewhere that doesn’t flog your wallet before you can modify the html & css.  All old content will be ported over, and organized better!  May or may not continue to push a copy of updates here, or maybe just post links to new posts.  Either way I’d like to start having google analytics tracking to get a better idea of content that’s appealing.

So far what I’ve come to notice is pics like this one ( that show a satellite image of the area + notes seem to be by FAR the most popular.  That being the case, I’m hoping to start using these kinds of maps more often.  I’m going to be doing some research and seeing if I can pull the gps map from my fish finder each trip.  That’ll include my path, spots I marked (only going to include this if they’re spots I find, won’t share anyone else’s as that’s their hard work), where I caught fish, etc.  Ultimately it would be perfect if I could overlay that onto a satellite image and work with that.

Also hoping to start keeping a better log of catches.  Hopefully I can have a table tallying up how many of what I caught by place and date.  Sort of like charter boat reports.  Not sure if people would actually be interested in it, but I know that’s something I’d like to see.  General fishing productivity by area.  Look for it in the future!


Gotta sign off for now, started this too late and need to get to bed!  Got some things I need to get to tomorrow that I can’t afford to put off any longer.  One other short note though:

My first video to break 1,000 views!  It happened today :3