Afternoon Paddle

Went out to half moon bay last Saturday, 10/26.  Was lazy and didn’t want to get up early to go… so I woke up at 11am on Saturday morning 😀  Hopped onto the computer and started doing playing some skyrim.

Around 2pm it occurred to me that I could totally just launch later…so I checked the weather, looked like it was going to be less than 5 ft, wind only 5-7 knots, so I started packing.


Launched around 330PM from the old pier at half moon bay/pillar point harbor, paddled out around the bend, and…it suddenly got pretty foggy!  I went out about half as far as usual and decided it just wasn’t worth traveling too much farther.  Wind was already somewhat up and I didn’t want to get blown over some wash rocks anywhere.  Hard to tell when swell is down & fog is in.  On the way out I passed an area that was only 9ft deep…I seriously need to stop cutting across the wash rocks :

Anyhow, I was searching for a certain ridge, but couldn’t find it.  I did find an area that would go from 38ft or so up to 25.  Hard to fish it though, a very small section.  Snagged up and lost a lot of gear, but did walk away with one chunky black and yellow rock cod :3

Rock cod fro half moon bay
black and yellow rock cod

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Lings From Capitola
Lings From Capitola

Thanks to the guys&gals down at Capitola Boat & Bait for taking this pic.  We made it onto their website!
So for those of you who don’t recognize that background, we went out t – SHAME ON YOU.  Get down to the Capitola Pier and play for once!  We rented a boat from Capitola Boat & Bait, aiming for lots of rock cod or sand dabs!

When we first got out that morning, it was so foggy D:  Even driving through Mountain View it was already foggy…When we got to Capitola, it looked like this!

Capitola Pier in the morning
Capitola Pier

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Summary Fish Report Section Is Here!

Finally got around to it.  Very basic, very summarized.  Location, date, fish caught, a note or two, link to full report.

More work to be done on it, but for now I’m happy for the night :]  Enjoy it here!  Or click up in the top of the page, Fish Report (per location).  In the future once I’ve got enough trips, I’d like to have an area where they’re split by area instead of all lumped together.

Hook, Line & Sinker

I headed out to Elephant Rock Pier last night.  Felt like I needed to give it a second try since the last time I was still horribly inexperienced.  Also needed some place to chill for an hour or so outside to try smoking a cigar.

Blah blah, smoking is bad.  But I’d like to say I lived a full life and tried everything that looked interesting.  So we’ll just drop that one there hmm?  You’ll be happy with the result anyway.

Bait for the day was white shrimp.  Was using 1oz sliding sinkers, carolina rig.  2/0 octopus hook.  I think it was lazer sharp brand. 20lb mono line.

Arrived around 9:30pm, grabbed my gear and set off.  For those of you wondering, its right next to the Caprice (restaurant) in Tiburon.  Just set your gps to that, and right before you reach the place, you’ll see a small jetty in front of it, and a small parking lot on your left.  That’s where you’ll want to park, its 2hr parking during the day.  I wonder what people do when they fish it during the day?

Anyhow, tried throwing towards the rock piles at the beginning of the jetties and working my way back in.  Not as kelpy as last time, but still a decent amount of stuff floating down there.  I could definitely feel the terrain a lot better now though.  I understand why there would be lots of little fish and crabs around, it felt like there were small piles of rock extending all the way out to the circle outcropping you stand on.  Was definitely interesting.

Found a spot on the right side of the pier where I got some aggressive hits.  Couldn’t stick the hook though.  Guessing it was something very small, based on the strength of the hit, and the lack of any actual hook up.  In the end the only thing I could pull out there was a 3-4″ brown rock crab.


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Salmon, rock cod, crab & more!

So I think the place I left off was before the salmon trip on the Lovely Martha out of Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. Don’t have pictures of the final result, but I think we walked off with 34+lbs of salmon. Two 12-13lbers, and we didn’t weight the smaller one.

Salmon porn!

Anyhow, if I could sum up how I felt about the Lovely Martha, well…you know what they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words.

Wouldn't go again
Lovely Martha

Sure it was kind of a dark, no sun kind of day. But that was okay. Sure it was windy, but that was okay. We got soaked…half expected that. But more on that later. No, what ticked me off was the service. Rather, the lack there of. And the lies.

I should start at the beginning I guess. Called up a bunch of places trying to find somewhere I could go salmon fishing. This was Tuesday after memoridal day where the scored limits and were back in harbor by 11am. That’s right, limiting out in an hour or so of fishing. FREAKING STOKED. Totally ready for whatever salmon fight had. Landed that 12+lb goldfish on 6lb test line, figured I was finally ready to try salmon without wasting time & gear. I was hoping to go with the Tigerfish but they were packed. So I did some reading and wound up settling on Wacky Jacky, but she was booked up as well. She recommended I take Mikey/Mike’s boat (the Lovely Martha). So I called him up, and got a total of 5 of us signed up by the end of the week.

Come Saturday, I couldn’t wait to go on Sunday. Had all my gear, had made 2 runs down to fisherman’s warehouse to grab salmon ball weights and everything. Get a call from him, and I’m like FUCK YEA, CONFIRMATION CALL.

…only it wasn’t. Apparently there was going to be a combined wind chop & swell topping out at 15ft, and we had to cancel…scrambled to set up a jetty fishing trip instead.
We rescheduled to the next Saturday for the salmon trip.

I think I’m getting my trips mixed up, but I think what it wound up being was me, Chris, Olivia, Ying, and
I think we wound up with 1 crab and a large eel I threw back. Ying yelled at me when she got there explaining that was her hometown’s specialty.

I think I caught an underling too? I know I took a picture, but I have no idea where they went…/sigh :[

Anyhow, skipping forward to the salmon trip since I forgot the rest…

From the Half Moon Bay Jetties to the Mirror Waters of Capitola

super calm day at capitola, ca with seals
capitola water & seals in the background

The weather these past two weekends has been amazing.  It finally calmed down after that initial spring – fall change.  Had a few weeks of rather high speed winds, but boy, when it calms down, it really calms down!  And that black patch is a bunch of seals!  Tons of seals, dolphin, and whales, but more on that later. Continue reading From the Half Moon Bay Jetties to the Mirror Waters of Capitola

Capitola last weekend


Teaser!  Will be trying to update trips from last weekend including another run out to the halfmoon bay south jetty, and skiff rental out of capitola.

After fiddling with my map card, I’m not sure there’s a way I can pull the course+map from the day off the unit without paying for software…  Will charge up my battery & try to get a good shot with a camera to use instead.  Hope to start the page with tables too!  Until then!