Afternoon Paddle

Went out to half moon bay last Saturday, 10/26.  Was lazy and didn’t want to get up early to go… so I woke up at 11am on Saturday morning 😀  Hopped onto the computer and started doing playing some skyrim.

Around 2pm it occurred to me that I could totally just launch later…so I checked the weather, looked like it was going to be less than 5 ft, wind only 5-7 knots, so I started packing.


Launched around 330PM from the old pier at half moon bay/pillar point harbor, paddled out around the bend, and…it suddenly got pretty foggy!  I went out about half as far as usual and decided it just wasn’t worth traveling too much farther.  Wind was already somewhat up and I didn’t want to get blown over some wash rocks anywhere.  Hard to tell when swell is down & fog is in.  On the way out I passed an area that was only 9ft deep…I seriously need to stop cutting across the wash rocks :

Anyhow, I was searching for a certain ridge, but couldn’t find it.  I did find an area that would go from 38ft or so up to 25.  Hard to fish it though, a very small section.  Snagged up and lost a lot of gear, but did walk away with one chunky black and yellow rock cod :3

Rock cod fro half moon bay
black and yellow rock cod

I got in maybe another 10 minutes of fishing before I realized the wind was blowing me too fast.  Decided to pack it in early and start driving home before it got dark.  That was it for fishing.  Hit up the SF barcraft on Sunday, then ducked out and finished with santa ramen.  Not a bad weekend!


Oh and bait was squid + that shrimp scent from the last post.  Caught this one drifting the old dropper loop/shrimp flies with a 6oz cannonball weight.  I’ve come to prefer these to torpedo sinkers.  Personally feel like they keep vertical better than torpedos.  Snag wise…I haven’t really seen a difference.

Anyhow!  I’ll be out with Kara in half moon bay on saturday going for dungeness crab & maybe some more rock cod!  We’ll see how it goes.  Its going to be a zoo from what I can tell d=  I’m planning on running smelt + chicken liver + salmon heads + squid.  Hopefully that’ll work out!

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