2013 Dungeness Crab Opener!

But let’s be honest.  I’m not a huge crab fan.  For those of you following me, you’ll note that I pretty much have only 1-2 posts on crabbing…

But after lots of sighing and debating, I loaded up one crab cage Friday evening.  Wound up needing the entire Friday night to prepare since I was planning to fish as well.  Wound up not being ready until about 2am…had to be up at 3am to drive & eat breakfast anyway so I just stayed up…

We landed in Half Moon Bay around 5/5:30 am.  Packed everything down and paddled off!  Was so foggy, glad we had lights.  We could hear boats cruisin’ around us long before we could see them.  We headed out to the first stop, somewhere around the triangle.

Kara dropped 4 hoop nets, and I dropped my cage.  Tossed a crab snare around for about an hour.  I got nothing, Kara was getting small dungies.  She was using her famous rotted bait of death, and I was using a mixture of squid and smelt/salmon heads/chicken livers (left out for 2 days).  Smelled rank :[

Once the sun started coming out I called it quits and headed off to the diamond.  So far that’s the area I’m most comfortable fishing.  I have a general idea where wash rocks are, have a few spots marked on my fish finder that always produce a fish or two at least.  I know there are other areas, but I’ve never had much repeated success anywhere else.

Anywho, headed out there and landed a couple fish.  Lost a BUNCH.  For some reason my hooks weren’t sticking.  Not sure if they were small fish, or just my hooks not being sharp…

I was drifting over a spot where I pulled up 2 under lings in a row once, getting strong bites, but nothing sticking…then FINALLY fish on!  Pull it up, hmm…feels kind of like a lazy ling.  Comes up, CABEZON! Cabbie cabbie cabbie!  And it looked fatty.  Aaaand this is when I realized I left my measure stick on the car…but I had a crab gauge!  Stuck that thing on there to get a rough estimate…

Now I can’t be sure.  But I’m pretty confident it was 14″ on the dot.  Damn it life.  Why.  This is the second time :[  All I want to do is share a cabezon with my family!  We’ve never tried one before…Anywho, wound up pulling up and keeping 2 giant 15″+ blacks and a a medium black and yellow rock cod.  Not the best day, but those 2 blacks put up a great fight.

Threw a few small blacks back, didn’t feel like bothering with running them on a 3 way rig for lings.  Weather was kind of rough that day.  Lost one more big black at the surface, watched it spit the hook :[

Anyhow, the wind and swells were starting to pick up, so I headed back in.  When I landed I ran into some NCKA people and heard they all limited out at the old spot.  This would be referring to the star on the map above.  I hear reports of people finishing in 2-3 hours, pulling up pots with 18 crabs or more.  Danggg.  We wound up only coming back with 3 rock crabs.  I let one barely 4″ one go before heading back in.
If I ever work up the will to lug a crab cage out, I’m just going to go out to that spot instead, don’t care.  d=


Catch of the day:

Also, saw this at sports authority and couldn’t help but laugh.  Call it what you want, I just can’t believe it was approved.

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