Half Moon Bay Jetty Fishing & Poke Poling

Man.  So behind, this is basically a report from 1/11/2014.  Been so busy @_@  anyhow, on with the report!

Went out to the Half Moon Bay / Pillar Point jetties to get some fishing in with friends.  There was a 30% chance of rain going into it, but we were hopeful it would remain dry.  I mean, 30%, come on, what could go wrong?

So we arrived, slowly group trickled in (iirc, we had 3 cars of people, arriving at various times).  Headed off to the jetties and got about fishing.  Can’t remember the details any more, try as I might.  My toe might be distracting me…

Don’t fall on the jetties

Happened today.  Anyways, I believe we managed to end the day with everyone catching at least 2 fish?  We were pulling fish up all over the entire jetty on shrimp & plastic lures.  Learned something important, the only lure an eel will take is Berkley Gulp Alive shrimp.  Didn’t have any eel takers until I switched to a carolina rig with shrimp.

If I’m remembering right….we caught a few fish, then the bite basically died down for an hour or so.  Then it started verrrrry lightly drizzling.  And then the bite turned back on!  Nite & his friends started pulling up fish from the very first spot we fished, that had been dead for awhile.  Kara started pulling up eel after eel, calvin started pulling stuff up too!  Action everywhere!

Eels from Half Moon Bay Jetties

I think some other people caught some of these.  But damn did Kara ever pull up a fuck ton of eels!  At one point I caught a fish, got all excited, Kara just turned to look, and it fell right off the bloody hook!!!!

What did Kara do?  Instantly burst out guffawing, god damn it.  :[

At one point I was dragging this lure around:

Rock cod caught at Half Moon Bay on Lures

You can see the lure in there.  Its ~3″.  I think the brand is yummy, but not sure what exactly that thing is supposed to be imitating…but it looks decent.  And the rock cod seem to love it.  Had it tagged with garlic scent as well.  Was a mistake, thought it was shrimp scent at first, but it seemed to work nonetheless.

So I’m tossing that bait around, manage to lose a fish, then keep trying in the same area.  All the while everyone’s pulling up fish around me.

Rock cod from Half Moon Bay Jetties

And then as I’m tossing my lure around, I see this huge brown head following my lure.  Before I have time to process what it is, it leaps out of the water to chase my lure.  Holy. Fucking. Shit.  A ling cod just jumped OUT of the water after my lure, trying to munch on it.  In like 2-3ft of water.  I yelped.  Couldn’t stand after that.  Holy cow, had no idea lings could jump out of the water like bass.

Had to literally sit down on the jetty.  Too shocked.  Too excited.  Too scared.

BUT.  I had left my bait in the water, didn’t have time to reel slack in before plopping down.  As soon as I stood back up and picked it up I see the ling chasing it down!  And went full retard…tried setting the hook instinctively, but the ling hadnt closed its mouth yet.  So out popped the lure, then the mouth closed, and off it swam.  DAMN IT!

I did get a clear look though.  Kara did too, definitely not 22″, but holy crapstickles, that was amazingggg.

Anywhoo, was a good trip!

Rock cod from Half Moon Bay Jetties

Grassy rock cod from pillar point harbor

WIll try to follow this post with saturdays crabbing & sundays fishing reports.  Good luck out there!

Ooh and before I forget, you can see calvin getting an eel to bite his bait here:

Ends abruptly because his pole nearly smacks me in the face.   Had to move.

Pic album can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/LbcIu#0

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