It’s Not Over Yacht

Super delayed report.  We went out to Capitola for opening weekend, did okay:

Brown rock cod from Capitola

I caught an underling, but didn’t really get any fight out of it.  Was holding onto the BRAID line by hand for about 15 minutes untangling Jesse from my line… Incredibly difficult to do that with only 2 hands.  Urgh.  Anyways, underling, no fight, went back in.  Saaaad.

But then when we went back out Sunday…we caught only a couple.  Augh.  Got a bunch of kingfish, couldn’t get many lings to hit though

Kingfish/White Croaker from Capitola

We were out all day too.  Only got 1 ling to hit, and it was under sized:

Tried cleaning the few fish we had Sunday on the boat during our last few drifts.  Turned out to be a mistake, and gored my hand with a spine.  Lost like a table spoon of blood (talk about blood tributes…)

After two days in a row of that, I was wiped out.  All I wanted to do was lie around the next weekend, recover & relax.

But some people wanted to go out again.  So I set about trying to get a reservation for a week for a boat.  Weather was looking pretty rough (iirc 4-6ft swells + 8-15 knot winds), but they quoted klingons “its a good day to die”, so didn’t cancel it.

Finally managed to net one Friday morning, and… well try to guess what happened in less than 30 minutes after that.  Not one, but two of them drop out… Yea.  Within 30 minutes of getting the boat.  Seriously?

So Saturday I show up at the pier around 6:15am.  First one there!  Not another group in sight!

I proceeded to haul all the gear on my own to the Capitola Boat & Bait shop, sign in and do all the paperwork.  Told ’em I was going to go park the car, and maybe my party would be here by the time I got back.  Parked up on the hill, as I’m moseying back down…holy cow.  What’s the phrase, like all the ants come out of the wood work or something?  I saw like 30 people with poles and ice chests heading down towards the pier.  Yea.  That means like 7 boats of people who all want to launch too…!

When the other two show up, we go through the instruction, then launch.  Lily volunteers to drive so that I can set up poles, fish finder, etc.  As we pull out I note that she’s doing the typical first timer over steering.  Offered some tips, we seemed to be moving okay, and I started setting up gear.
But then all of a sudden I hear “no no no NO NO NO NO NO!” from Jesse.  Obviously at this point he’s got my attention.  I look up from turning on my fish finder to find…er.  Wait.  White?  Why is everything white?  Aren’t we on the ocean?  What the fu…hey there’s a stripe.  OH SHTI WEER GONNA HIT A YACHJT OHQTUJQI$JIR$JYGHIOKJTQ#ETGUI(RUJYKWYHJM

And then time slowed down.  We’re like 2 ft from the yacht already. You know, near death situation, time slows.  I figure, hey, let’s take a look at what the drivers doing.  Slowly turn my head…and the motor is turned so that we’re steering into the yacht…

Yep.  And I hear Lily asking “go? go?” and then “vvvvrroooOOOOM”; full throttle?  BAM

We hit the yacht so hard I nearly fell out of the boat.  I could hear really heavy things inside the yacht falling over.  Then we sort of scraped along it for a second or two before bouncing off.  Oh dear lord what did I do to deserve this happening.  Am I liable?  Did that really just fucking happen?  We had an ocean of space.  And we found a parked yacht in it.  Wat.

Then 2 people emerged from the yacht.  “Are you guys okay?  Is the boat okay?  Noone hurt?”  Glad they weren’t just straight up ready to kill someone, and were worried about safety first.  Stand up people.  No idea if there was damage.  In too much shock to properly focus.  Lily asks “should we turn around and go back?”  Hell no yo.  We’ll just hit them again.  So I stood up, yelled our boat # to them, and made sure they understood.  No way in hell we were going near another boat again.  Noooope.  Worried about how much it might be the rest of the trip.  And was I liable?  Just so much worry.  Few hundred?  3-5 thousand dollars?  /sigh

Turns out it could have easily costed $30k-$40k.  And I would have been liable since I signed off on the paperwork.  Since I was the one who drove the boat back in (so we wouldn’t hit anything) they all seemed to think I hit the yacht.  After Myron chewed me out a bit (totally understandable) he asked “…I mean, like…I mean how could you not see the yacht?”  Good question man.  At that point I finally had enough and told him the story, and now I’m basically never signing paperwork again.  Basically he told me not to let others drive, but I have to set up rods & shit.  Can’t do everything.  Lily missed the entire chew out session while she was in the bathroom.  Blah.  Luckily it was just some of the green paint off our wooden boat that was deposited on their boat.  Myron fixed it up right quick, no harm to the yacht, thank god.

Anyways, later as we were approaching the SC-3 buoy (40 minute ride @ half speed), it comes up that Lily didn’t buy a license.  Jesse didn’t mention anything to her.  So we turn around to go get her passport, I take over driving so its safe & quicker (full throttleee), and 15-20 minutes later as we’re nearing the pier, we find out Lily has a picture of it on her phone.  Doh. Turn around, they set about buying the license, and I head back towards sc-3 for sand dabs/king fish to use as livebait for lings.

Its now been 1.5-2 hours.  We’ve driven in circles, and hit a yacht.  But wait, there’s more!  Getting the title yacht?  hurr hurr hurr

Seriously, why is this the best result for "dorky seal" image search?
Seriously, why is this the best result for “dorky seal” image search?

Anyways, Lily is starting to get queasy it seems.  Not a good start, we haven’t even wetted a line yet!  We bait up with some squid/shrimp, drop down right behind the sc-3 buoy.  Find the smallest, most scattered school of sand dabs ever.  Seriously, like 3-4 passes, we have maybe 5 sand dabs.  I caught maybe 2.  Remember this.  2 tiny ones.  I decide to call it, can’t waste any more time for bait.  Just as we’re going to leave, Lily pulls up a fatty sand dab:

Sand dab bigger than your hand from Capitola

Horrible lighting.  But I was tired by the time I had time to take pictures.  Anyways, didn’t find any more large ones and we moved on to Boomer’s reef to try for some lingcod.
Jesse got one:

Lingcod from Capitola

I think I have part of this on video, but don’t think I’ve pulled it off my gopro yet.  Got a ling hit while measuring Jesse’s, but didn’t get to the pole fast enough.  Noone was watching but me apparently :

Anyways, did a few more passes with no luck.  Moved around a bunch looking for any rock cod with no luck.  Finally tried mile reef by the mile buoy, was about ready to give up.  Told everyone to reel up and we were going to move when lo & behold Jesse finds a fish on his line (that’s been there for god knows how long…)

Small brown rock cod from Capitola

We tried another drift but no more luck.  By this point Jesse had thrown up two or three times already, and Lily wasn’t looking too good either.  Asked if they wanted to go in, or try sc-3 buoy again for sand dabs as a last hurrah.  They chose the latter so off we puttered.

By the time we got back out to the sc-3 buoy, jesse was completely gone.  We basically called it.  Kind of self torture for no gain that last run there…  Anyways, here’s the tally:
– Jesse: legal ling, small brown rock cod
– Lily: a slab of a dab
– Me: 2 tiny sand dabs.  I got to use 1 as bait before we ran out…

Since Jesse made a big deal about getting fillets last weekend, I was thinking “I’ll just send ya’ll home with the whole fish.”  And that’s when it came out neither of them knew how to clean fish.  Yep.  Day ain’t over yet.  Have to clean fish too now :[

So show Jesse how to clean a fish, pack up, wash down gear, pack it all back to car.

Fishing report ends there.  But the world was still out to get me.  Last time I’d eaten was lunch on Friday.  More than 24 hours.  Tired as hell.  Stop at DQ in Capitola.  Ice cream + fried stuff, that should make the day a little better right?  Oh man.  I got like warm chunky cream.  Worst.  And it spilled in my car on the drive back.  SPILLED IN MY CAR.  Day not bad enough yet, thanks life.  ‘Preciate it.

Get home, clean it up.  Too tired and angry to do anything besides sleep.  Wake up at 7 or 8pm, less angry but still kinda meh.  What could possibly salvage this day… oh ofcourse,


Off to Wendy’s to try to get a baconator.  Hey, lets get some curly fries from 101 burgers too.  Get home.  Its…its normal fries.  Not even a single stray curly fry.



Nope.  Done with you weekend.  And that’s why I haven’t been fishing in a few weeks.  That and moving.  Oh.  Also I fucked up my back & ribs from the yacht crash.  2 weeks later, my ribs are finally healing.  Now we can finally realign my thoracic.  Yaaaay.  Kinda makes you wonder though.  What or who did I fuck over to get a weekend like that thrown at me.  Oof.
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