SF Management Area – 2014 Rock Cod Opener!

Woo, after months of waiting and pining, half moon bay is open to boat based rock cod angling!  Sucks it was a Sunday, but hey, at least its a weekend, better than May when it was a Thursday @_@

So I went about preparations.  Pretty tired of fishing with my legs while paddling with my arms… Very difficult to paddle and jig the pole with your legs.  Watched people in hobies for a year and just…god so much jealousy.  So I decided it was finally time to get one for myself!

Admiral Shung
Beginning of Dennis’ fleet!

I’ve now joined the hobie revo club d=  Finally, easy street & trolling here I come! ^^

Oooorrrr, so I thought.  Turns out I may be 1-2 inches too short…?  I had to half lay down to get a full pedal :[  Damn these asian genes!


Anyways, getting back into the weekend opener before it gets too late to continue.  Since I upgraded, it meant I could probably trick one more poor soul into coming out fishing with me!  Calvin was this sucker.  Oh, forgot to mention during the week the weather calmed down, wind was down, swells down to 5′.  That’s why it seemed fine to head out.

We got there Sunday morning around 7:30 and launched.  Immediately I could tell how much better the pedals were over paddles!  Amazing.  Even if you just do tiny flutter kicks easily faster than medium paddling.  Forgot the fish finder on the car so have no idea how fast we were going at any point.

Harbor was unusually oil:

Pillar Point Harbor Water
Oily Half Moon Bay Harbor


Maybe this is normal?  First time I’ve seen the entire harbor like that though.  Icky D:

Here’s Calvin the sucker paddling to his doom

so we headed out towards the fishing grounds.  On the way out the jaws harbor patrol zoomed by us at max speed.  Was a little close to calvin, but he wasn’t hugging the jetty so I guess it was kind of on us.

Later heard they were zooming off for a good reason.  Apparently another kayaker had washed out on kings rock and had trouble getting back on.  Had to radio for help, so glad they were responding quickly.

Weeeeelll.  That is until like 10 minutes later they came speeding at us.  We were in open water, but quite close to the kelp/wash rocks by the north jetty.  If you’ve been out there, there’s a strip of ocean that’s not the safest to cross during low tide/nhigh swells (both of which we had that day).  Basically its like 10-20ft.  Minus tide + 5+ft swells = maaaybe bottoming out at spots.  That means getting crushed by a wave instead of floating over the top.

So its dodge into the power boat traffic lane on our left, or head towards the right a bit and risk running over some of this so harbor patrol doesn’t run us over in their haste.  Figured since they sped off earlier, they must be speeding back in to get whoever they helped to shore.  So I elected to go to the right and get out of their way.  They’ve got right of way anyway.

Only they didn’t pass by.  They changed course to keep pointing themselves directly at us.  Not nearby, directly targeting us.  Later when I found out they might have still been looking for the guy needing help, I was even more pissed.  We were very obviously paddling furiously away from them.  You know, so we wouldn’t get run the hell over by a god damn power boat.  Going at least 4-5mph (based on previous experience).  We were hoofin’ it.  Wasn’t until they were about 10-15ft away they turned abruptly and sped off back into the harbor.  Essentially the massive new douchefucks that are harbor patrol (I used to have great experiences with them, have another recent complaint) did this:

Fuck you harbor patrol.  No really.  We’ve got 10ft swells, we don’t need to get fucking wake from you for no god damn reason.  No explanation, they just sped off.  Thursday night I was out on the pier fishing.  On my way back to the car, I passed some guy wearing harbor master/patrol jacket.  I smiled and happily said “evening!” he just looked at me funny and didn’t respond.

Seriously?  What the hell has happened to the people working there?  They used to be very friendly people.  These days they’re just massive dicks.  ANYWAYS, to get back to our adventure…

After we got out of the jaws we started heading for the middle green buoy (to dodge the wash rocks).  Some time later, as we were nearing the buoy we saw a group of 3-4 kayakers.  Hoped they were the people I wanted to meet up with, but they were another group.  They were from NCKA though, so we asked if we could tail them.

Swells felt waaaay higher than 5′.  I’ve been out there in 8-10ft before, and it was much more like that…waves so high it felt like you were the boat in the perfect storm

It only got worse once we were out past that green buoy.  Not every swell was that bad mind you, but every now and then a giiiaaaant one would come rolling through.  Anyways, we decide to just try fishing there.

Bait up, deploy rods!  Don’t snag, lets bring in a lunker tod-SPLOOSH.

Wait.  What.  Sploosh?  Turn around to see a kayak there but no calvin.  Hooooo shit.  Then his head pops up, and he scrambles back on.  Boy was he quick getting back on.  Before I could do anything to start moving to help him he was back on!

…oooonly to fall right back in,  I reeled up quick as I could and got to him as fast as I could.  He got back in just as quick, I pulled up next to him, and he sat up in separate motions/steps.
Soon as hes back in the seat, we hear another splash.  One of the guys from the group we joined decided to join in on the festivities!

At some point during all this, one of the guys with a fish finder jokingly informed us the water temp was a brisk 55.  Fun.  Calvin said he was okay, so we agreed I’d set a timer for 10-15min then we’d reevaluate how he felt.  Pretty quick that changed though, so we turned right around and started heading back in.

When we were nearing shore I had to pull the mirage drive up, and paddle in.  Boy.  Hobie revolutions do NOT paddle well.  Like not even a bit.  They track horribly, I could barely control where I was going while paddling.  Was doing nearly  10 strokes on one side for one of the other.  Saaad.

Anyhow, we landed and chatted with some other people.  Only one kayaker I know of had fish, NicksYak:

half moon bay rock cod opener 2014
Lingcod from Half Moon Bay


Somehow during the swim, calvin managed to offer a blood tribute to the ocean that wanted nothing to do with us:

I managed to give myself my first blood blister (?) ever, by pinching the webbing between my thumb and finger inbetween the halves of the paddles while putting them together…

blood blister?

We decided the best way to recover from a day like that was endless shabu shabu

Zabu Zabu endless shabu shabu~


So there’s your opener!  I heard they killed it out at Bean Hollow/Pigeon Point.  And flatter.  Ah well, maybe next time :]  Just glad we all got home okay!

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