Yuuuuup!  This guy finally landed that elusive fish.  My 2 year hunt finally came to an end on 6/28 aboard the Ankeny Street out of Pillar Point Harbor.

cabezon ankeny street charter boat
Cabezon from Half Moon Bay

I even managed my personal best ling that same day!

Huge ling cod caught on the Ankeny Street out of Half Moon Bay/Pillar Point Harbor

So yea, sorry I’m waaay behind on posts.  I’ve been busy & tired, but I’m playing catch up now!  Here’s a compiled video of the trip before my GoPro ran out of batteries:

On the way, its encoding atm

This was my 2nd trip on the Ankeny Street.  Its quickly become one of my favorite charters to take out of Half Moon Bay.  The people are all nice, crew is helpful, and the catch is the most colorful I’ve ever experienced on charter boats.  The crew is almost as excited as we are when chinas come over the edge!


Anyhow, I only have video of catching the cab unfortunately.  I misclicked my record and recorded random nothing for like an hour, then hit the button and stopped the recording when I hooked up.  The ling was a hitchiker on a medium sized black rock cod which bit the gulp shrimp bait I had on the bottom hook.  The gulp shrimp seemed to work for the first few hours, but then the fish stopped biting it.  By the end of the day we all swapped back to frozen squid strips for bait.

I also was chucking a 6oz bar jig (red/orange) though the only thing that went after the bar were under sized lings.  Guess that’s why its important to have a teaser shrimp fly above it.   Basically this:

Except instead of a plug you should have a bar.  Anywhere from 2-6oz works for shallow waters (20-60ft).  I also recently learned about & how to make a KILLER variation of this with a hoochie.  Heard it called many things ho-d jig, hodie jig, generic bala jig, daiwa bala, etc.  This is it:

Ho d jigs
Generic Bala Jigs


More on this in a later post!  I learned of the whole origin story too! ;3  For now, I need to get some shut eye.  Head over to http://imgur.com/a/o259V#0 for other misc. pics that I’m too tired to sort through at the moment.  Keep an eye on my youtube channel too!  More videos on the way (video compilation of this trip is encoding as I type!)

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