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Don’t you talk about anything besides the Ankeny Street these days Dennis? Well…ya got me. Wind/waves were up for so many weekends in a row, so I kept finding myself on a boat. Post after this is a decent kayak trip though! And after that hopefully a guide on how to make these famous hod, hodie, ho d jigs? Generic bala rigs (google up daiawa bala rig for an idea).

So for the July 4th weekend, I went out with my dear mother. Which is awesome. Basically combine the 10 luckiest things you own, and that’s what my mom is for any and all fishing trips! And for those of you following, my mom hasn’t graced me with her presence on a fishing trip in awhile. Besides the good luck, its nice having family around :] Anyhow, as you can tell by now, I was excited for the day! Twas justified by the end of the day:

Double Vermilion Rock Cod!

Before I forget, we were using 8-10oz weights all day. I used some 4-6oz metal bars as well, but generally that’s the weight we used. Used the normal dropper loop 2 hook rigs, and bars + teaser above.  Also, because I forgot last time, here’s Kara & Patrick with two of their awesome fish from the last post!

Patrick with his first legal lingcod!
Kara with a piggy of a china cod!

Fishing buddies for lyf omigawd.

So back to the trip with my mom!  You know whats odd?  Everytime I’m on this boat, I’m always in the same spot.  Going to just go ahead and call it the good luck spot.  If Chris/Darren are reading this, please don’t move us anywhere!  We all like the spot lots :]

So before this trip, I stopped by the San Jose Fisherman’s Warehouse (stand up place, decent prices and great people) after my mom talked to Bennie (Benny?).  She went in to ask about these:

hod jig?
ho d jig?

I’d been seeing people throwing these or variations of this all the time on the boats.  No idea what they were.  But all the people with the best and most colorful fish were throwing these.  Sometimes swimbaits, but these were the more common ones.  After watching people pull up vermilion after china after vermilion after china afte-…well you get the idea.  After seeing that multiple times I decided I finally must try this for myself.  But who knows what they are?  The Tigerfish was also posting pics of making their own, but without even a name to go on, I couldn’t even begin to try to track down how they were made.

I got as far as “assist hook” and “hoochie” from some forum post I can no longer find.  Being a noob, I had no idea what an assist hook could be (turns out its the hook & line near the bottom).  Anyways, only place left after asking around and searching online was FW.  I sent my mom in to ask if they knew how to make one (by now I’d heard from Chris on the Ankeny Street that they’re home made), and she relayed back that Benny knew how to make them.  So I hurried home and learned how to make them first hand from Benny!  More on this in a later post when we cover JUST these jigs ;3

So I took the knowledge home and worked with my dad to make a few.  Got on the boat and excitedly showed them to Chris & Darren, only to find out that 6oz was too heavy for shallow water (Darren said that would be about right for farallon islands).  Apparently I should have used 4oz ones, as the 6oz was too heavy.  Basically took all the action and flutter out of the jig on the way down.  Doh.  He said it would still work, just not as true to its nature.

In the end they worked just fine, and I got a double vermilion hook up on them!

ho d jig
bala jig

Learn how to make these on my site w/ video guide, click here

Basically instead of a weight at the bottom, you tie on one of these.  And about 9-12″ above that, you tie on a dropper loop for a teaser fly.  There you have it!  These killed out there!  My mom did pretty well too and later caught her own vermilion:

Unfortunately she did accidentally hook herself too

Don’t hook yourself!’


At the end of the day our bags looked something like this

bag ‘o rock cod


Finally here’s the video from the trip!


Album of the images:

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