HMB – Kayaking to Victory!

Aaalllrriightty, and that brings us to the kayak trip with Calvin!  Weather had finally calmed down to 2ft of combined swell.  A mite windy @ 6-12mph, but definitely doable.  In fact the wind was down most of the day until we started making our way back in!  Was a nice day on the water:

Half Moon Bay kayak fishing

Kind of funny how it started… We both woke up late, but it wasn’t a problem.  We arrived at the old peir in half moon bay and launched around 9am iirc.  Even got a parking spot near the entrance!  It was so flat we never saw a single wave break over the wash rocks just west of the harbor mouth.  We still circled south around the green can on the way out, then headed north west towards Kings Rock.  If you’re using this report as a guide, make sure you look up the MPA boundaries first.  There’s one very close to where we fished that day, and you can’t fish that area.

Here’s the video compilation of the trip:

The curse of the cabezon seems to be active again.  I managed to catch a 14.5″ cabbie:


kayak fishing for cabezon in half moon bay, ca
Cabezon from Half Moon Bay

It even managed to splash water into my mouth while I was laughing at Calvin…


Anyhow, we were using dropper loop rigs for most of the fish caught (your standard 2 hook rig for rock fishing) with 4oz weights.  Calvin may have been using an 8oz still tied onto the pole I lent him, don’t remember.  We fished 30-60ft deep that day.  Caught many gophers, maybe a china or two, a cabezon, missed a hitch hiker ling (see video)m and a couple massive black rock cod.  I think we kept 7 fish, released 3-4 more.  Not too shabby considering we called it and headed back in at 12 to try to make it for ramen.

Here’s what Calvin has dubbed (appropriately) the bald fish:

Black Rock Cod from Half Moon Bay
Chunky rock cod

Pic album:

^There’s more fish pics in there!

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