There’s a place off W. Point Avenue

Where I went to sit and fish with you
We were off of work, and the time felt right
Working all day, catching fish all night!
Okay, done playing with Yellowcard’s song.  Doesn’t really fit either, but its stuck in my head right now!  If you haven’t guessed it yet, this is going to be a Half Moon Bay jetty fishing report (W Point Ave. is a street near the jetty).  We went out to Pillar Point Harbor at night the last two weeks (once a week) to poke pole the jetties after work.  Unwind a little, catch a few fish, hang out with friends, you know.  Well, it turned out to just be Patrick & me in the end, but that’s fine!  More fish for us! 😀

Both days we went out, we didn’t hit the jetties until after 8:30pm.  Truly night fishng d=  We started off with squid on a carolina rig (1/2 oz – 1oz sliding egg sinkers above a 4/0 octopus hook snelled directly onto the main line).  First time I got nothing but snags.  Patrick did amazing though!

eel from half moon bay (hmb) jetties
He started with an eel

We released it since neither of us wanted to deal with cleaning one.  After he just kept following it up with fish!

poke pole rock cod half moon bay jetty
Patrick with one of the rock cod


And then he scored a pig of a grassy rock cod!

poke pole big grassy rock cod 12
Grassy rock cod from half moon bay jetty

It was pretty awesome, we’d started casting away from the jetty a bit and bouncing the bait along the bottom on the way back in.  Gave up trying the holes at our feet.  He hooked up, and it gave quite a fight.  Funny thing was, when he got it to the surface, it thrashed and looked dark and eel like.  We both thought he’d caught another eel until he brought it up onto the rocks!  Turned out to be a 12-14″ grassy rock cod, pretty decent for the jetties!

rock cod poke poling
crab in rock cod mouth

If I’m remembering right, after that the bite died down and we packed up awhile after that and headed home around 11:30?  Oh we also spilled the squid at some point and had to switch to gulp shrimp & minnow baits.  4 inch shrimp, 2 inch minnow i think?  No hits on the shrimp (but historically its been an amazing bait on the jetties) and i think Patrick may have gotten a few hits on the minnow, but don’t remember for sure.

Second trip out, we were supposed to be joined by 2 others, but they both bailed last minute on us, so it was just Patrick & me again.  This time the luck was completely turned around.  I caught everything, and Patrick got nothing.  Fishing is mighty crazy like that…
Started the night off catching a little eel

poke pole eel half moon bay jetty
small monkeyface eel

Followed that up pretty soon with another small eel further down the jetty

squid hmb jetty eel poke pole
another small eel off the jetty

Unfortunately that was pretty much the only action that night.  We spent another hour or two out there with no luck, and went home early but happy.  Seriously its great out on the jetties at half moon bay.  A gentle breeze, ocean quietly lapping at your feet, and a friend or two to chat with; really doesn’t get better than that!  If you ever feel like I did at Zazzle, take an hour or two out of your evening to go hop around on the jetties, poke pole a bit, and just let all your troubles go.  You’ll be ready next morning to tackle anything work throws at you!

Well.  Anything besides daily morning meetings.  Yea, I’m still not over those holiday war room meetings.  Right idea, worst execution I’ve ever seen, and I used to work at Electronic Arts.  But anyways!  Ya’ll earned it, take a break, enjoy life!  Maybe I’ll see some of you out there one day 😀

Full album from the two trips can be found here:

PS yes, I felt the earthquake last night.  That was the first decent one in a long time!

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