A Short Afternoon on The Jetty

Lets continue the catch up finally!  On 12/20/2014 there was an okay low tide late afternoon (3 or 4 PM) and I decided I’d give it a shot, check out the south half moon bay jetty and see how the fishing was.

half moon bay pillar point south jetty rock cod poke poling
Fish on!

And the fish came out to greet me!

Sort of.  There were a ton of people out there!  I walked up to the water’s edge and there were 3 people clambering around on the rocks.  Following the unwritten rule of not fishing too close to others, I hopped onto the top of the jetty and took off:

You don’t see it in the video, but I stopped at my 2nd favorite spot, only to find a group of 3 beat me there wearing waders and walking in the water.

Turned the corner thinking I’d just fish the other side of it, and found 2 more people camped out there with HUGE bamboo poke poles.  Like 20′, just crazy.  Anyways, kept walking down along the jetty to find a less crowded area.  Seriously though, it seems like there’s an ever increasing amount of traffic hitting the jetties these days.  Definitely feels like both the quantity and quality of fish & eel available is going down.  Even the eels, yea!  Read before that monkeyface eel populations were pretty robust, but I’m beginning to think not robust enough to keep up any longer.

Anyhow,  finally found my first spot and promptly lost something.  Not sure what it was, I got it to just barely breaking the surface and it got away.  I’m never prepared to catch a fish in the first 2 or 3 minutes @_@

Second fish was a grassy:

grassy rock cod from half moon bay jetty while poke poling
grassy rock cod

Took awhile to line up the bait right, had to swing it in just right with the current before I could get him to bite.  Nearly rocked me too, barely got him out!

Had to move around to find another bite and lined up with a cabezon.  Both caught on squid using a 3/0 hook carolina rigged.  I think I was using a 3/4koz sliding egg sinker as the water movement was pretty strong.

cabezon from the pillar point harbor south jetty while poke pole fishing

If you watch the video you can see where I pulled this guy out from.  Definitely amazing how cabbies are so often found in high surge areas.  They really just don’t care at all!  Guess that’s partially why they’re so ‘heavy’ to pull up.


Anyhow, it started getting dark at this point so I decided to call it.  Not bad for only an hour or so of fishing, and got to relax a bit outdoors.  Was nice, but crowded.

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  1. 2 dudes with giant bamboo poles…that was probably us! I’m the bearded dude with the glasses, I make those poles myself. Next time you see me give me a holler!

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