Treasure Island – Bountiful Perch

Treasure Island pier san francisco bay
Treasure Island Lady

So I went back to treasure island in the San Francisco Bay recently!  This marks my third trip out to try to fish.  Only this time, there weren’t 3 people blocking off the entire pier by casting all over hell.  Thanks guys, but please just learn to cast straight…

Anyways!  Went out on a Sunday recently.  I was originally aiming to get there around 6:50am with the sunrise:

half moon bay tide table
Tide table

As you can see, there was a low tide about an hour before sunrise.  Figured I’d beat the crowd and get there first and fish the tide as it came in.  Also the wind was supposed to pick up later in the day, so I thought that was going to be my only opportunity.

Turns out I snoozed out and woke up around 12pm instead d=  I later went outside to get something from my car and found it was caaallllmmm outside, barely any wind!  What the heck forecast!  So I packed up real quick, and headed out.  Wound up arriving around 5:45 PM.  Was surprised as I walked up to find not a single person fishing the old pier.

Happily I hopped down on the right side of the pier to try my luck with gulp camo sandworms (surf fishermen report these things working wonders for perch).

san francisco treasure island fishing pier jetty
right side of the pier

Didn’t even get a nibble.  Not even a NIBBLE.  You gotta be kidding me.  I used to poke pole with these things and caught rock cod, monkeyface eels, heck even an undersized ling or two with them.

At first I was thinking well maybe its just a bad day.  It wasn’t flat water, swells were kinda big… But then I thought, no, that can’t be right.  Perch live and eat in the beach swells, they couldn’t be happier for this kind of weather since it kicks up food and what not.

So I tried switching up baits to mussels and instantly started getting bites.  Seriously the perch on Treasure island are so spoiled…But I didn’t wind up landing anything on the right side.  Decided to try my luck on the left side of the pier:

treasure island pier jetty fishing perch
Grass is always greener on the other side eh

And it was!  Finally started hooking into fish over here:

treasure island san francisco pier perch fishing fish on!
Fish on!

So remember guys ‘n gals, adjust your fishing game!  Different spots take different tactics.  Be flexible :]

black perch pogie san francisco bay treasure island perch fishing
Black perch (Pogie) first fish of the day!

Released the little guy after his photoshoot and went right back in to catch another!

This time a nicer one came up!

perch from treasure island sf bay striped perch black perch pogie
perch from SF bay

This was either pregnant or had the fullest belly I’ve ever seen on a perch.  I dubbed it “Fatty Perch Mcgee”

huge fat perch sf bay treasure island fishing report
fatty perch mcgee, in the best way

Unfortunately I dropped my next one…

All okay so far…
I feel like I need to go make a sacrifice to the fishing gods. He fell down real deep, and under some massive boulders I couldn’t move.

Anyways, it went on like this for an hour or so.  I think I could’ve caught more if I stuck around longer and kept using mussels, but I had my fill after these:

pogie fishing sf bay treasure island fishing report
black perch
black perch pogie fishing report sf bay treasure island pier
moar perch
black perch pogie fishing report sf bay treasure island pier
even more perch!


black perch pogie fishing report sf bay treasure island pier
percha palooza over heah



black perch pogie fishing report sf bay treasure island pier
perchin for some perch


Perch really can be quite colorful.  I kind of wish as a kid I caught more than just shiners and walleye, I feel like I’d have been interested in fishing for perch much earlier than just starting now…

I mean look at this guy:

Shiner perch

And wall eye are just silver so you know.  Whatever, they were still a lot of fun as a kid, and plentiful.  Can’t really complain about that!

Getting back to today though. I got too lazy to keep putting the mussels on really carefully and didn’t rebait.  As what I had left got nibbled down I stopped getting bites.  I dumped some scent on it and that got me some small nibbles but no hook ups.

Anyhow, here’s the video too before I forget:

No audio besides the music in this one, was too windy :[

Packed it up, and took some pics to share with ya’ll.  I’ll get to that in just a sec though.  Nearly forgot to mention gear:

  1. Line: 15lb mono for main line, 10lb mono as a leader (mostly just to deal with snags easier)
  2. Weight: 2oz disc sinkers

    like this
  3. hi lo rig (I’ll cover this soon, keep an eye on  I’ll be doing a POV video on how to tie rigs soon
  4. Hooks: size 4 bait holder.  You could downsize the hooks, but really you’ll just wind up catching more small ones soooo…

Back to those extra non-fishing pics I took for ya’ll.  Seriously, this has got to be the most well sculpted butt on a statue ever:

When a man loves a woman and he’s an artist…

Anyone know what’s up with this?  Also, why are there little sparkly lights inside her?

sparkle sparkle

She’s really photogenic though:

As usual, here’s the link to the rest of the album:

Also included in the album is pictures from the Davenport beach cave tunnel place.  We went again this year to get strawberries, and this time I went all the way through.  Was definitely worth it:

I did wind up paying for the trip in blood though:

Scraped up against a wall when I nearly fell.  Its damned slippery in there!

Anyhow, that’ll conclude this post.  Gotta get to bed, got a long week at work ahead’a me!  Hopefully I’ll start being able to post at least once a week now.  My views certainly suffer a lot when I don’t…

I guess at some point in the near future I’m going to add instagram too.  Sherrie keeps saying that’ll give me a nice boost @_@

Youtube is doing well though!  Up to 125 subs, its good to see the channel growing.  I hope you’re all learning from my mistakes!  Make sure to subscribe here by email too though!  Sometimes I won’t have video, or I might write about a trip before I have time to edit the video footage.  Y’never knoooow~

Let me know if there’s specific kinds of fish or footage you guys like, I’ll try to get more of it up!

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