Salmon Opener April 2015

salmon fishing report 2015 half moon bay california salmon trolling
Ankeny Street Salmon

You might say “well that ain’t a big salmon, that ain’t big at all Dennis”, and to that I’d say, takes a big man to catch both the biggest and the smallest salmon for the boat on the same trip:

salmon fishing charter boat ankeny street from half moon bay pillar point harbor
smallest & largest salmon

Bes’ respect dawg!  But yea, I’ll take a limit of salmon thank you verrrry much!

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Getting back into it, I went out on the Ankeny Street in April, last weekend even!  Yea, I’m not as far behind in updates as I usually tend to be! d=  We left Pillar Point Harbor around 7:30am and headed out about 9 miles off shore to our first stop.  Somewhere west of the military globey thing.  Honestly, even if I were the kind to give exact coordinates, I couldn’t do better than that.  I literally have no idea where we went.  Everyone seems to know exactly where though:

salmon fishing fleet half moon bay ca
more boats than I can count

Anyhow, we got to the first stop to set up for some trolling (salmon ball, 2.5 lbs cannon ball + bent anchovy so it spins).  Important to note here: always get the 2.5 lbs ball.

I was fishing the rail, and Chris dropped my rig in for me (Was not yet really comfortable with the whole dealio).  If memory serves he had me down around 30-32 pulls (1ft = 1 pull generally when talking about salmon fishing).

Wasn’t even 3 minutes into the first stop that my rod goes off, fish on!

^video of the whole trip :]

First fish of the day was the smaller one from above, taped out to 26″.  Skinny, but no skunk!  I’ll take what I can get, lucks all I got!

salmon boat charter fishing ankeny street hmb pillar point harbor fishermen never lie
1st salmon of the day!

Things slowed down for a bit so I wandered around taking pictures, here’s the highlight:

Awhile later the boat got a double hook up!~  After a short fight, they were both landed:

salmon charter boat fishing 2015
salmon charter boat fishing half moon bay ca
got sum meat on ‘im!

That was generally how the day went.  Learned a new phrase, the “poke and tickle”.  Apparently its when you try to net something, shove the net forward, then barely miss, so you just graze the fish.  That’s the tickle part I guess.  I bring this up because boy did we ever do it!

Miraculously we never lost a fish (only missed two bites that never hooked).  All fish that were hooked came in, and some we couldn’t even get the hook out of!  Definitely a lucky day indeed 😀

There were lots of interesting moments too, like cutting open a full belly to find:

pompano sardines salmon belly what do salmon eat half moon bay
fulla sardines & pompano

I know what you’re thinking, but dennis, that’s only ONE salmon.  Well fine, here:

salmon guts contents mackerel pompano what do salmon eat half moon bay
belly full of pompano and mackerel

I didn’t even know we had pompano up here in Norcal.  Maybe with the whole el nino thing…?

Anyways, its getting late, so Imma have to wrap ‘er up:


salmon jumping leaping out of water half moon bay salmon fishing
airborne salmon, took off right after landing back in the water!


Some back story is necessary for this gif.  Chris doesn’t believe in using flashers.  Michael here added a flasher and caught two salmon!  He also convinced a few others to use it and this is the result… d=

At the end of the day it wasn’t quite 50/50 for flashers vs straight bait, but it was close.  Skewed a bit towards the flasher side, but that could just be randomness.  So yea, flasher or not, as long as you’ve got a twirling spinning anchovy, you’re set!

Toooons more pictures at

Oh also!  One last note before I hop off here, since today was the opener of rock cod season, here’s an update to my most popular video (how to tie rock cod rigs):

Good luck out there!

2 thoughts on “Salmon Opener April 2015”

  1. Thanks for the video – that was cool! I wish you took notice on the coordinates on the salmon locations. I noticed that you also on the Ankeny Street 4/18/15 for rock fish trip, do you have coordinates for that? I was in Half Moon bay but didn’t get a single bait (:, I am new to boating fishing this year, I often reading your posts on fishing stuffs. I learned a lot from your posts – I really APPRECIATED what you done. Keep up the good work.


    1. Hi Kevin!
      Awesome, love to hear people enjoy * learn from the randomness that I throw up here 😀

      Unfortunately I don’t have any GPS points for HMB for either salmon or rock cod. I know we started 9 miles off shore, looked like a straight-ish line out from the military base ball thingy.
      There were a ton of other boats out there, so I’m guessing word travels. Check out some fishing boat forums, maybe ask on the radio (I think people are generally pretty friendly. At least they are when I radio around on a kayak).

      For rock cod, I know we fish somewhere outside the ritz at times, and around the green buoy outside of the harbor (kinda SW out of the mouth of the harbor).
      Not sure how well a full on boat will do, but behind kings rock (waaay behind, don’t get close to it!) is a bunch of reefs. Be careful you don’t pass into the MPA region near there (left of mveraicks).
      Once more, because it needs to be said, be careful around kings rock/wash rock. Head towards the closest green buoy, and head around on the left side of it (further away from harbor side). I once paddled over the wash rock area & kelp to the right and bounced between 10ft and 3ft of water below me. Definitely don’t want to get caught in that!

      If you’ve got your own boat, maybe try a run all the way down to bean hollow, should hold massive cabezon & lings, and you won’t have to worry about sharks like yaks do.

      Hopefully that helps! I can maybe try to circle some spots on a google maps image later tonight if you’d like, but it’d be eyeballing it :] Let me know!

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