Half Moon Bay – First Rock Cod Fishing Trip of 2015~!

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cabezone nomnomnom

Yoyoyo, what up everyone?  Today’s been a crazy day!  We hit 10,000 views on a single video today, and landed a pay out from google!  One step closer to ensuring the domain name & site hosting are paid for!

10k baby!

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You don’t want to miss out, I’ll be posting pictures when I get a chance while I’m out on the water!

Getting into the swing of reporting, was out on the Ankeny Street again last Friday, 4/17/2015, out of Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay, CA.

ankeny street half moon bay pillar point harbor
Glorious yellow boat

Bein’ a young’un I’ve never had the chance to fish for rock cod so early in the year before!  Exciting times.  I assume this means the conservation efforts have been working well & the fishery has recovered?  Promising to note that the ling limit has now been increased from 2 to 3!

Somewhat worried that there’s now a 5 black rock cod limit per person/bag though.  Wonder if those have been getting slammed too hard in the past few years?  If anyone has reasons, I’d love to hear them!  Just curious m’self :]

Anyhow, the forecast was for somewhat large swells, but not too much wind.  Looked nice in the harbor when I arrived around 7!

Half Moon Bay Sun Rise
Pillar Point Harbor

So I got home late Thursday night.  Started tying rigs late, and wound up pulling an all nighter…  But I made some awesome looking jigs!

hex bar diamond bar ling candy hod jig
hex bar jig with red flasher stickers and a tube bait

Unfortunately it didn’t pan out.  Fish weren’t really interested in bars much, only fish shaped iron.  Many more fish were instead landed on swim baits (5″ – 9″) and shrimp flies (both baited with & without squid).   These two swim baits did the best for me on Friday:

big hammer swim bait rock cod ling cod cabezon fishing review fishing report
9″ christmas tree?
5″ white & blue, forget what this patterns called

I had less luck with other colors.  Only had 1 bite on a shrimp fly all day:

black rock cod shrimp fly half moon bay pillar point harbor california
Black rock cod

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a video tutorial (w/ first person view) of how to tie your own swimbait + teaser hook (shrimp fly) rigs!

You can swap out the jighead for anything, like metal hex bars from above, or swap to a p-line laser minnow & make a ho-d jig, aka generic bala jig (similar to what daiwa bala jigs used to be).

So the day was kinda slow.  Fishing really picked up only at one spot, and only for 2 or 3 drifts.  We spent most of the day fishing in 100+ feet of water, tiring as hell!  I was swapping between a 2oz and 4oz jig head swim bait rig.  Near the end when we hit 150+ ft of water, I finally gave up & swapped to shrimp flies.  Not like they were biting my swim bait rig anyways.  Hooked on a 10oz weight to hold bottom.  12oz might have been better.

One very important note is that I wasn’t getting any bites at first.  I looked around and saw the smart guys (Lam & his bunch off the back) were not aggressively jigging.  It was almost a slow drag off the bottom as opposed to a bounce.  Soon as I swapped jigging styles, I started doing better.  Got to start my day with a cabezon!

FYI video is processing, but I can’t stay up waiting for it.  Video should be live in 2-3 hours.  Currently 1:42 AM PST


cabbie cabzilla cabezon swim bait half moon bay
cabezon ho!
bent rod fishermen never lie half moon bay pillar point ling cod fishing
Can you guess what this is?

I’ll give you a useless hint, I was using a swim bait again!  I think it was the green & red christmas tree color from above.







ling cod half moon bay pillar point harbor ankeny street
Couldn’t figure out how to hide this via CSS & JS

Tada!  Not bad, got both a ling & a cabbie for my first trip out!

Other than that, just your usual browns, coppers, vermilion, a few china scattered about the boat.

ling cod fishing ankeny street half moon bay pillar point harbor
Just one of Lam’s many lings
big china rock cod huge half moon bay pillar point harbor ankeny street
Andy’s (?) China rock cod

Check out the video or the imgur gallery to see more: http://imgur.com/a/pbF5T

cute dog pug ankeny street lola
Lola finally seems to have warmed up to me

Give Capt. Chris a call if you want to have a great trip!  Smiles all around 😀



Stay tuned!  I have a Pacifica Pier crabbing report coming up.  Went for a visit on Sunday, 4/19/2015, and took a look around at everyone’s catch!

Got a day full of meetings tomorrow though, so I gotta ruuuun.  Laters!  Wishing ya’ll tight lines :]

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