Pacifica Pier – Crab & Perch Report

Bit delayed by now, but my work weeks keep getting craaazier!  I got a north jetty report & a cute harbor seal story to go along with it… But that’ll have to wait!

Pacifica Pier San mateo dungeness crabbing report
Pacifica Pier

So I went out to the Pacifica Pier to hang out with my dear of dad, and check up on how crabbing was out there.  First sign of life was around halfway down the pier:

Pacifica pier surf perch
Striped Perch from Pacifica Pier

Didn’t see any other fish pulled up.  Decent amount of people casting out hi-los and even one throwing a large kastmaster!  No luck with it while I was there.

Around 3/4 of the way down we ran into the first person with crab.  Unfortunately didn’t get to see his crab, but he said he caught 2 snaring really far out.  Both dungies, hard shelled.  One was just legal @ 5 n 3/4″ and the 2nd was around 6″.  Not too bad considering how many people were out and didn’t have crab :[

You can see us talking to him in the video.  You can also see a guy not following this rule right before we talked to the guy with dungeness crabs:

Not that anyone ever follows this rule anyway d=

We found 2 more dungies somewhere, you’ll have to watch the video, I forgot which part of the pier we saw these on:

rock crab and dungeness crab at pacifica pier
1 dungie & 1 rock crab

Anyhow, when we got down to the corner is where we saw people with the most crabs.  3 buckets totalling 5 or 6 crab:

pacifica pier dungeness crab caught snaring
double dungeness crab at the corner of the L

These guys were all snaring:

pacifica pier crab snaring and fishing
dungeness crab snared at pacifica pier


Also saw the most tricked out pier cart ever:

awesome pier cart epic cool pier rat cart
badass pier cart


So for those who don’t know, the silvery things on the right side are crab snares.  You attach them to your line on a fishing pole, and hurl them out as far as you can.  Generally the best spot (from my experience & what I’ve seen) is you want to be on the end of the L (flat bottom part) and cast out as far as possible.  I suggest you leave the crab hoops, nets & traps at home.  Even weighted they tend to get moved by the massive swells that always pound the Pacifica shoreline.

Oh and here’s the hours for Pacifica Pier:

hours for the pacifica pier
pacifica pier hours

One time I did see a guy pulling in 20+ rock crab too.  And I’ve snagged & lost a few snares casting out, so there’s certainly a pile of rocks out there somewhere… and theoretically plenty of rock crab to take home if there’s very few dungies like I saw last weekend.

And if you can, you want to weigh down your snares with an ounce or two of weight.  Helps to keep them from sliding around, so the scent isn’t wasted & crab can actually find the damn things :]

Last but not least we found someone who was…collecting more snails then I’ve ever seen in one place o.O

sea snails at pacifica pier
sooooo many snails

I wonder if maybe you can eat them or something?  Anyone know?


Lets end this with a tasty pic.  Here’s what we turned some of the rock cod into:

rock cod fish and chips
nomnomnom, beer battered fish
pre fried fish taco rock cod
fish in panko & taco seasoning
Fish tacos


And my cold smoked salmon finished!

best most amazing epic smoked salmon
This is seriously the best salmon, smoked or not, I’ve ever had in my LIFE

Honest to god, can’t go back to anything else.

Catch a salmon, bring it there.  Just do it.  Get it cold smoked.  Heaven wishes it could have some.   Seriously.  And tell them “Dennis Shung” sent you.

Hopefully I’ll post about the HMB North Jetty trip Nite & I did today before I leave on Tuesday!  Otherwise I’ll be away in Austin, TX for a conference, dunno if I’ll have time to blog while over there.  Surely I won’t be able to edit video.  Gotta run to bed now, have meetings starting at 8am, and they don’t stoooooop until 11:30am.  Its an hour commute for me, so… cross ya fingers f’me and I get in early!


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  1. The snails and whelks are edible. I don’t think they’re very good though. I much prefer land snails (escargot) to our local sea snails. I do love abalone though. If you don’t dive for abalone, chiton taste pretty much identical and can be found in tide pools. You only eat the center “foot” meat portion on Chitons.

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