Capitola Skiff Fishing – Fun With Friends

Its been…well months hasn’t it? I really got side lined with a bunch of trips, uptick in work, etc etc. But after much haranguing, I’m finally back & trying to work through everything! I’m 7-8 trips behind…so bear with me as I push them out.  There’s all sorts of things from salmon, to perch, to rock cod & even some night crabbing!  May start with the more recent trips & work my way back. We’ll see!

capitola california pier view from cliffs
Whaaat a view!

Anyhow, this post will be around our fishing trip to Capitola on 8/16. The video of it is up:



The day started out completely flat, but the wind quickly picked up & we had a few get sick.

Pretty much everywhere we went we found mackerel, a little large for bait, but still worth using:

mackerel from capitola

In fact, even before we left the pier people were already catching them!

capitola,ca anchovy smelt mackerel fishing sabiki
mackerel off capitola pier

It was also pretty cool to see that they’d repainted the map on the wall outside the shop.  Definitely a lot easier to understand now too :]

capitola skiff fishing reef map kelp map rock cod map
Capitola Reef Map

Anyhow we loaded up on live bait around the Tank House reef before heading out:

mackerel and kingfish capitola
Bucket fulla bait

We ran out to the Boomer’s Reef area, and stopped on one of my GPS spots nearby.  We ran some live bait and managed to hook up twice:

capitola skiff fishing ling cod
1st Ling Cod on live bait near Boomer’s Reef

I seem to have lost the 2nd picture though…  You’ll have to check the FB video.  But remember, a Fishermen would Never Lie! ;D

Other than that, we didn’t really have much action.  I got a solid bite on one of my swim bait + shrimp fly teaser and was super excited!  Turned out to just be a mackerel that nailed the shrimp fly :[  Major bummer there.

We found the dabs, but couldn’t find any of decent size:

sand dabs rock fishing live bait capitola
sand dabs from Capitola

We tried fishing every single reef and couldn’t even find one rock cod that would bite!  Insanely bad day.  We were the 2nd boat in so not really sure how everyone did overall, but boy.  That was a slow day.

Still had fun though.  If you watch the video until the end you can see me causing tons of trouble on the boat!

That’ll do it for this round.  I’ll list out tackle we used and then head off to bed, got a long day at work tomorrow!

Rig 1: Sabiki w/ 2oz sinker
Rig 2: Adjustable sliding live bait rig (sliding snell knot), 2 size 5/0 hooks, 2nd one is the trap hook & was involved in landing both lings
Rig 3: usual common shrimp fly set up w/ 6oz weights
Rig 4: 2oz Swim bait w/ a shrimp fly teaser above the swim bait

More pics can be found here:

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