New Captain Pete – Salmon in the Streets, Cod in the Sheets

school of anchovy off pacifica pier

Finally getting around to pushing through another update!  This one was supposed to be about salmon, but we couldn’t find any 7/12, and reports up & down the coast were similar.  So we swapped to jigging up some live anchovies & doing some rock cod fishing!

ling cod fishing new captain pete pillar point harbor
We did okay
rock cod fishing new captain pete pillar point harbor half moon bay california
Wonderful deckhand Edgar

But before we get to that, a few updates!  I meant to go fishing to try out these cool new swim baits I got from, but didn’t manage to wake up in time…  Apparently marathon-ing Halo 4 from 9pm on means I go to bed too late to wake up on time… So good news is I’m actually making up the gap!  I didn’t skip out on video editing & blogging to go fishing!  Huzzah!  But yes, the swimbaits:

recon bait big fish mc brown bait color
super fishay
recon bait brown bait mc brown bait swimbait color
Pretty close to MC Brown Bait color, belly is orange though. Back not quite the same dark green shade

Some of you may see the Brown Bait and think, wait, that looks almost right…  Yea, its a different guy.  I was recently introduced to MC Brown Bait swimbaits and promptly had the tail of 2 of them chewed off in minutes by something…

So I went to try to buy some from JigStop, and this is where my journey begins…  I ordered some, the site said there was availability too.  A friend also buys some for himself.  He gets a call about them being out of stock, and they offer to swap it out for other colors.

2 days later, I still haven’t received any call about my MC Brown Bait.  I sent in a request asking what was up with my order, and got a call back.  They were out of MC Christmas Tree, but offered to sub me out to BigHammer Christmas Tree.  100% okay with that.  Shipment went out!  Apparently they now have MC Brown Bait?

But then I get the package:

toast, not mc brown bait
Well, its brown…

I did some research and this color is actually called “Toast” and part of the viejo series?  But somehow this body shape is the right…anyways.  This is what MC Brown Bait color is:

MC Brown Bait Color SwimBait
correct color (green on back is off in this run)

And so I call back to ask about it.  What they did is why I’m even talking about this.  They offered to refund me the toast (3x order), let me keep it, and sent me those two Recon bait colors as samples free of charge!

I even got a letter:

Now THAT’S service!

They were also wonderful on the phone.  So what’s the point?  Buy from them if they have what you want.  The customer service is stellar.  Normally I wouldn’t make such a big deal, but they definitely went above and beyond.

Back to the report though!  It was a beautiful day for salmon & rock cod fishing:

So we trolled around the Pacifica Pier area.  You can even see it in parts of the video:

pacifica pier from new captain pete salmon fishing
Pacifica Pier – From the Ocean

Wonder how the fishing was off the pier…  It might just kill me if someone caught one off the pier that day & we didn’t on a boat…

There was tons of bait, and whales breaching everywhere!  Big ol’ whales.  By the way, if whales are your thing I hear they’re going crazy at Half Moon Bay lately.  There are so many that people have to be careful when they drive around, heard someone almost got hit by one on their way out of the jaws!  Apparently they move really quickly when they’re feeding or something?

Anyhow, we’re pretty sure this , Vijay, is the reason our salmon fishing didn’t go so well & we were forced to swap to rock cod & ling cod fishing:

vijay ramesh the banana boy

We fished on the same side of the boat and I caught like 4 fish.  The other side had like 6 lings each D:

Was cool though, the chovies were swimming shallow enough that I could snap pics of them with my phone and actually see them:

School of anchovy off pacifica pier

You can actually see them vibrating our poles as we troll through them.  Wicked cool.   We jigged up a giant tank full of bait so we could go after rock cod with some live bait

anchovy live bait for rock cod aboard the new captain pete
full live tank well of anchovy!

Anyhow, you’ll have to watch the video for more action.  I spent most of it up on the side of the ship watching my pole fruitlessly…  While everyone else was catching fish far away so I couldn’t take pics.  We filled two of the coolers on the boat, one with lots of colorful cod & one full of lings!

rock cod
fat ol’ china dere & nice gopher
Jennifers huge vermilion
ling cod mouth new captain pete half moon bay
rawr imma ling

And we got to see a big mola mola (Sunfish) too!

mola mola ho!

Whale in all its whaleness


Since we didn’t get to take any salmon home, we decided we had to go put a dent in the population another way, all you can eat sushi!

monster chef sashimi boat
Cool Sushi Boat!

There’s this new-ish place near the harbor called Monster Chef.  Pretty tasty once you know what to order.  Most of it is delicious but there’s a few things to watch out for.  Their striped bass & scallop aren’t great.  Hamachi has been good 3/4 trips so far.

Service is pretty good though.  And its not like $60/person, I think its only $25-30?  Either way, its a tasty stop if you feel like you need to eat before heading home.  That’s going to wrap it up for this one!  I finally put together all the crabbing stuff, so maybe I’ll do that update next (we went recently, 10/2, for an overnight trip).

I also have 2 salmon trips, and one rock cod w/ a halibut too.  All should be September-ish, so more relevant…

Oh!  I’m also planning to rent a skiff out of Santa Cruz this weekend, most likely 10/10.  I think there were a few readers who wanted to tag along?  So far there’s only 2 of us confirmed, 1 is a maybe.  Send me an email/text if you guys are interested!  I’ll try to track down your guys’ contacts to reach out to you too.

Just remember, I’ve only fished there once! d=  But you’re more than welcome to tag along and just try your luck like us!  As usual, more photos can also be found in the album here:

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