Kayak Fishing Half Moon Bay – August 2017

Went out ith Calvin to Half Moon Bay, CA to do kayak fishing for rock cod on 8/7/2017.  Super last minute stuff, we noticed it was supposed to be extremely calm the night before, like only 1 ft @ 8s or something with <5 knots of wind.

Overall, was a very slow day.  Only hooked into 1 cabezon & 1 ling cod, and maaaaybe one other bite.  We fished for a good 2 hours too, how weird.

Video of the trip is up here:


The cabezon was probably exactly 15″ but was on the skinny side, so we decided to release it:

cabbie caught kayak fishing in half moon bay, ca
cabezon from half moon bay, ca

It was quite interesting though, as it fought the entire way up!  In my experience cabbies usually just fought during the bite, then spread out their giant fins and just dead weight their way up.  Wonder if that’s why this one’s skinnier, more active! d=

The ling unfortunately was short:

HMB Kayak fishing ling cod
Ling Cod from Half Moon Bay, CA

Ever so close!  Just 1/4″ more and we’d have taken fish home.  Ah well, was fun nonetheless.  I like fishing out near Mavericks, and both fish were caught out behind those rocks near it.  Lots of kelp around there.  I swear there didn’t use to be quite so much kelp back there.

All fish were caught on the kastmaster set up, I was using the 3oz version, tagged with a strip of squid.  See the end of this video for a pic of the set up:

I always forget how much work kayak fishing really is…  Heck of a paddle/peddle out to the fishing grounds, even in nice weather.  And and even longer paddle back when you need to pee…!

That’s going to do it for me!  Need to go hit the gym & get ready for work tomorrow @_@  Don’t forget to follow me on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/FishermenNeverLie !

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