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Hiyo the name’s Dennis Shung, and I’ve been fishing the Norcal area since I was a wee little kid.  I like fishing, racquetball, badminton, and gaming.  I currently live in San Mateo, CA and work at Autodesk as a Digital & eCommerce Insights Manager.

In the past I’ve worked at Electronic Arts as a content manager for the Sims 3 Store, and at Zazzle as an SEM specialist as well!

I often make runs out to Half Moon Bay to crab and fish off the jetties, pier, and kayak there since I’m so close.  If you see someone running around with a copper pipe poke pole, that’s probably me :]

This is Dennis

Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/c/FishermenNeverLie1
When i remember to, and when it works, I run around with my GoPro.  I currently use the GoPro 4 black edition (and shoot in 4k now!)

Other random stuff:
Used to do some chain mailing.  Apparently etsy deletes your listings once they expire…If I ever get back into it, you can find my stuff at the above link.

Here are some examples of past work!

Chainmail examples
Chainmail projects
Zelda themed bracelet

I also lurk 2 fishing forums regularly.  Don’t post too often because I’m kinda shy, but they both have a great community!
I go by Twitchie on both Norcal Kayak Anglers (NCKA) and Pierfishing.com (PFIC)

I’ll clean up these images later once I find time to get these into photoshop.

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  1. Hi Dennis. I ran across your blog while doing a google search for half moon bay crabbing from the jetty. I’ve never been there and am hoping to go this weekend. Is there a way I can PM you to ask you for some info? Would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  2. Hey Dennis, I live around Halfmoonbay and currently became interested in fishing. I started fishing the jetty about a week ago. Again, this is my first time ever fishing so I have no idea what i’m doing. My setup is a 2 ounce weight at the bottom with two hooks above it. I have no idea how to explain it but I hope you understand. Any ideas where to fish on the jetty?

    1. What kind of fish are you hoping for? South jetty is a good place to start. The north jetty is a lot tricker to fish, and a lot more hazardous to traverse.

      You can try for rock cod, and sometimes perch, out around the 45+ markers on the south jetty. You could also try off the half moon bay pier for smaller rock cod, but its a lot snaggier and considerably more difficult to fish. I’d also recommend bringing some raw shrimp for bait. They seem to like it out there

  3. Hi Dennis,

    Think I’m going to try poke poling HMB this weekend — there’s a small minus tide around 2 or 3 AM. My family is off at Disneyworld so going at night makes sense because I’ve got to bring my dog, who can sleep in the car. During the day it gets too hot for him in the car. I can’t leave him in the yard because he’d get beaten up by the cats and raccoons in the neighborhood.

    I was wondering if you’ve gone poke poling at night this year. Do you think wearing a headlamp would spook the fish? I’ve gone crabbing a lot at night and it’s great, but it’s different from poke poling. Also, did you ever find out where to get those plastic pipes people use for clamming?


  4. Hi Dennis,

    I’m planning to try poke poling HMB next weekend at around 2-3 AM when there’s a minus tide. Have you been there at night since this last post? I’m wondering if you have any further observations (i.e. hints). Do you think having a head lamp will spook the fish? I wonder if I should use the lamp to place the bait, then turn it off and wait.


    1. Haven’t been out there earlier than an hour or two before sunrise in quite a long time.

      I know they tend to like staying out of the sun during the day, but unless you go sticking your light into their holes, you’re probably okay. You could try turning your headlamp off and testing it either way, you never know. I haven’t had problems hooking up with the lamp on, only seems to affect crabs.
      I know someone who does poke pole at night by street lamps so I doubt it makes too big a deal.

  5. Dennis,
    My name is Jonas Otsuji. I’ve been wanting to catch monkey faced eel with my kids ever since I saw it on tv. We found u on youtube. I was wondering if you do tours? We’d be happy to pay you to take us fishing. I will be in SF on Friday. My cell # is xxxxxxxxxx. You can text me or call me. Thanks

  6. Dennis,
    I LOVE your blog and videos! I grew up in Cayucos, near Morro Bay and my whole family would go crabbing on the pier and fishing for monkey face eels in Morro Bay using coat hangers with a short leader and shrimp bait. That was 40 years ago and I miss those times. Would like to try it again at HMB Jetty using more sophisticated gear (ha ha). Will try to craft a copper poke pole as you describe and give it a try. If I don’t succeed I may have to hire you for a guided tour! Thanks for your posts and videos; they bring great enjoyment.

  7. Hey Dennis, have you ever heard of dungeness at Capitola? Thinking of making another rock cod trip this weekend and since dungeness season has started, we were thinking of dropping a pot or two from the skiff on our way out to sc3. Thank you!

    1. Ack, sorry for the super late reply, lost this in my email. I have heard of people crabbing out of Santa Cruz (but not Capitola specifically), but they’re out in 200+ ft of water. I wouldn’t recommend trying to pull that off without mechanical help d=
      You might have some luck with rock crabs…? But generally, I wouldn’t bother out of Santa Cruz/Capitola

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