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I like fishing. Before the addition of beer too. :D

Kayak Fishing Half Moon Bay – August 2017

Went out ith Calvin to Half Moon Bay, CA to do kayak fishing for rock cod on 8/7/2017.  Super last minute stuff, we noticed it was supposed to be extremely calm the night before, like only 1 ft @ 8s or something with <5 knots of wind.

Overall, was a very slow day.  Only hooked into 1 cabezon & 1 ling cod, and maaaaybe one other bite.  We fished for a good 2 hours too, how weird.

Video of the trip is up here:
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Half Moon Bay Pier Fishing for Rock Cod with Trout Poles!

I’m back!  I had the July 4th week off, and went fishing a bunch!  You’d think I’d use that time to wisely catch up on all the videos I haven’t gotten around to editing yet buuuuut… no I went fishing a ton instead!  Many trips to the Half Moon Bay pier to fish for rock cod were made 😀  Many successful trips to the HMB Pier for rock cod in fact!

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That’s a 2+lb grassy rock cod off the Half Moon Bay pier by Andrew yo!  Video’s up too, you can check it out on YouTube (if you haven’t already seen it) or view it below:
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HMB Poke Poling for Eels & Rock Cod!

Took a coworker out to do some proper fishing – poke poling!  …in winter.  It was cold.  We did okay though!  Caught a few crabs, eels, and small grassy cod!

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We fished the low tide on 12/11/2016:

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It peaked out at -0.7ft around 2:29PM.  We fished from maybe 1pm – 4pm, when we started scurrying back to get off the rocks before it got dark!  (Sunset was around 4:30pm iirc)

Tackle for the day:

  • 20lb mono line (you can use braided line, but it has little to no abrasion resistance)
  • Bait: market shrimp ($10/lb or so?), we were using half a shrimp at a time
  • Hooks: 3/0 octopus hooks  (seemed to work much better than 5/0)
  • Weight: ½ oz & ¾ oz sliding egg sinker (Generally you should stick to ½ oz unless its windy/there’s lots of current.  A heavier weight gets stuck easier @_@)
  • We fished all along the harbor side on the way out, whatever looked fishy we gave a shot.  I think this was the final stop before we turned around:

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First catch of the day was definitely troublesome:

I swear an eel that small shouldn’t have been able to put up such a good fight…  If you’re looking for some tips & advice on poke poling/pocket fishing I recommend watching the whole video!  Scattered throughout are my comments about some of the finer points of poke poling that I don’t see discussed often.

We eventually got the eel out btw:
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New Captain Pete – Salmon in the Streets, Cod in the Sheets

school of anchovy off pacifica pier

Finally getting around to pushing through another update!  This one was supposed to be about salmon, but we couldn’t find any 7/12, and reports up & down the coast were similar.  So we swapped to jigging up some live anchovies & doing some rock cod fishing!

ling cod fishing new captain pete pillar point harbor
We did okay
rock cod fishing new captain pete pillar point harbor half moon bay california
Wonderful deckhand Edgar

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Capitola Skiff Fishing – Fun With Friends

Its been…well months hasn’t it? I really got side lined with a bunch of trips, uptick in work, etc etc. But after much haranguing, I’m finally back & trying to work through everything! I’m 7-8 trips behind…so bear with me as I push them out.  There’s all sorts of things from salmon, to perch, to rock cod & even some night crabbing!  May start with the more recent trips & work my way back. We’ll see!

capitola california pier view from cliffs
Whaaat a view!

Anyhow, this post will be around our fishing trip to Capitola on 8/16. The video of it is up: Continue reading Capitola Skiff Fishing – Fun With Friends

Santa Cruz Rock Cod – Rumors of A 5 Mile Reef

Videos been out awhile now:

I managed to finish editing it, but had no time to post :[  Been a looong busy last 2 weeks.  Went to Texas for a work conference, came back & it was a week of meetings for our offsite…  Hoo boy.  I was planning on going out for horseneck clams (looks like geoducks), but then we found out we had the week wrong.  So I’ll be up in Lawson’s Landing next Saturday!

Getting back into the swing of things though, lets go back & cover what happened in Santa Cruz!

22 inch huge big cabezon on swimbait from santa cruz, california fishermen never lie fnl
22″ cabbie

This ‘ere toad was the highlight of the day.  Caught him in a small 4-5″ swim Continue reading Santa Cruz Rock Cod – Rumors of A 5 Mile Reef

Pacifica Pier – Crab & Perch Report

Bit delayed by now, but my work weeks keep getting craaazier!  I got a north jetty report & a cute harbor seal story to go along with it… But that’ll have to wait!

Pacifica Pier San mateo dungeness crabbing report
Pacifica Pier

So I went out to the Pacifica Pier to hang out with my dear of dad, and check up on how crabbing was out there.  First sign of life was around halfway down the pier:

Pacifica pier surf perch
Striped Perch from Pacifica Pier

Didn’t see any other fish pulled up.  Decent amount of people casting out hi-los and even one throwing a large kastmaster!  No luck with it while I was there.

Around 3/4 of the way down we ran into the first person with crab.   Continue reading Pacifica Pier – Crab & Perch Report

Half Moon Bay – First Rock Cod Fishing Trip of 2015~!

cabbie cabezon half moon bay hmb cabzilla fishermenneverlie ankeny street
cabezone nomnomnom

Yoyoyo, what up everyone?  Today’s been a crazy day!  We hit 10,000 views on a single video today, and landed a pay out from google!  One step closer to ensuring the domain name & site hosting are paid for!

10k baby!

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You don’t want to miss out, I’ll be posting pictures when I get a chance while I’m out on the water!

Getting into the swing of reporting, was out on the Ankeny Street again last Friday, 4/17/2015, out of Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay, CA.

ankeny street half moon bay pillar point harbor
Glorious yellow boat

Bein’ a young’un I’ve never had the chance to fish for rock cod so early in the year before!  Exciting times.  I assume this means the conservation efforts have been working well & the fishery has recovered?  Promising to note that the ling limit has now been increased from 2 to 3!

Somewhat worried that there’s now a 5 black rock cod limit per person/bag though.  Wonder if those have been getting slammed too hard in the past few years?  If anyone has reasons, I’d love to hear them!  Just curious m’self :]

Anyhow, the forecast was for somewhat large swells, but not too much wind.  Looked nice in the harbor when I arrived around 7!

Half Moon Bay Sun Rise
Pillar Point Harbor

So I got home late Thursday night.  Started tying rigs late, and wound up pulling an all nighter…  But I made some awesome looking jigs!

hex bar diamond bar ling candy hod jig
hex bar jig with red flasher stickers and a tube bait

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Salmon Opener April 2015

salmon fishing report 2015 half moon bay california salmon trolling
Ankeny Street Salmon

You might say “well that ain’t a big salmon, that ain’t big at all Dennis”, and to that I’d say, takes a big man to catch both the biggest and the smallest salmon for the boat on the same trip:

salmon fishing charter boat ankeny street from half moon bay pillar point harbor
smallest & largest salmon

Bes’ respect dawg!  But yea, I’ll take a limit of salmon thank you verrrry much!

Before I go & forget, let me stop to mention that I’m also starting to create all dem social mediars pages now, so ya’ll best follow/add/subscribe to keep up!

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Getting back into it, I went out on the Ankeny Street in April, last weekend even!  Yea, I’m not as far behind in updates as I usually tend to be! d=  We left Pillar Point Harbor around 7:30am and headed out about Continue reading Salmon Opener April 2015

Treasure Island – Bountiful Perch

Treasure Island pier san francisco bay
Treasure Island Lady

So I went back to treasure island in the San Francisco Bay recently!  This marks my third trip out to try to fish.  Only this time, there weren’t 3 people blocking off the entire pier by casting all over hell.  Thanks guys, but please just learn to cast straight…

Anyways!  Went out on a Sunday recently.  I was originally aiming to get there around 6:50am with the sunrise:

half moon bay tide table
Tide table

As you can see, there was a low tide about an hour before sunrise.  Figured I’d beat the crowd and get there first and fish the tide as it came in.  Also the wind was supposed to pick up later in the day, so I thought that was going to be my only opportunity.

Turns out I snoozed out and woke up around 12pm instead d=  I later went outside to get something from my car and found it was caaallllmmm outside, barely any wind!  What the heck forecast!  So I packed up real quick, and headed out.  Wound up arriving around 5:45 PM.  Was surprised as I walked up to find not a single person fishing the old pier.

Happily I hopped down on the right side of the pier to try my luck with gulp camo sandworms (surf fishermen report these things working wonders for perch).

san francisco treasure island fishing pier jetty
right side of the pier

Didn’t even get a nibble.  Not even a NIBBLE.  You gotta be kidding me.  I used to poke pole with these things and caught rock cod, monkeyface eels, heck even an undersized ling or two with them.

At first I was thinking well maybe its just a bad day.  It wasn’t flat water, swells were kinda big… But then I thought, no, that can’t be right.  Perch live and eat in the beach swells, they couldn’t be happier for this kind of weather since it kicks up food and what not.

So I tried switching up baits to mussels and instantly started getting bites.  Seriously the perch on Treasure island are so spoiled…But I didn’t wind up landing anything on the right side.  Decided to try my luck on the left side of the pier:

treasure island pier jetty fishing perch
Grass is always greener on the other side eh

And it was!  Finally started hooking into fish over here:

treasure island san francisco pier perch fishing fish on!
Fish on!

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