How To’s (Rigs, Set ups, Poke Poling & More!)

Covering everything from basic tackle to more advanced home made solutions such as fish finder kayak mounting.
This section will continue to be built out!

  • How to poke pole – A compilation of hints, tips & tricks I’ve picked up while poke poling.  Don’t know the slightest thing?  Skilled fisherman looking for ways to improve?  Its got information for any and all, come check it out!
  • How to tie shrimp flies – Save yourself some cash, and increase the number of fish you catch!  Quickly learn to tie your own rock cod shrimp flies at home with cheap materials that will last longer!  Includes a video & bonus even.  Learn how to use a swimbait as a weight and hook into the catch of a lifetime today!
  • Buzz bomb lures – A general review of these under used lures.  Learn which colors trigger the most bites, and get info on what size/weight works best!
  • Rock Cod Fishing – Easily one of the best tasting fish along the California shores.  Get out there and get yours today!  A straight forward guide intended to get you geared up and out on the water over night, without pulling an all nighter! d=  I’ll be sharing a wealth of information here.  From shore fishing the piers and jetty, to party boat and kayaking!  Low cost, effective alternatives provided. 😀
    • Coming in the future
  • DSI Fish Finder Kayak Mount – There seems to be a severe lack of guides regarding DSI (down scan imaging) transducer mounts on kayaks out there.  Many people mount in hull, but I believe that’s a waste of the DSI.  Come & see in detail the steps I took to mount my fish finder without drilling a single hole in my kayak!  Costs less than $50!
  • Crabbing tips
    • Everything you need to know to go out and catch some crab for dinner!  Covers piers/shore and kayaking!
  • Cooking!
    • Everything from baconfish to crab & corn chowder, so you can host your own post-fishing adventure dinners!
    • For now, head over to YouTube, I have a few videos up.  Working on getting a page built onsite here.

Last Updated: 5/17/2015

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