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Hook, Line & Sinker

I headed out to Elephant Rock Pier last night.  Felt like I needed to give it a second try since the last time I was still horribly inexperienced.  Also needed some place to chill for an hour or so outside to try smoking a cigar.

Blah blah, smoking is bad.  But I’d like to say I lived a full life and tried everything that looked interesting.  So we’ll just drop that one there hmm?  You’ll be happy with the result anyway.

Bait for the day was white shrimp.  Was using 1oz sliding sinkers, carolina rig.  2/0 octopus hook.  I think it was lazer sharp brand. 20lb mono line.

Arrived around 9:30pm, grabbed my gear and set off.  For those of you wondering, its right next to the Caprice (restaurant) in Tiburon.  Just set your gps to that, and right before you reach the place, you’ll see a small jetty in front of it, and a small parking lot on your left.  That’s where you’ll want to park, its 2hr parking during the day.  I wonder what people do when they fish it during the day?

Anyhow, tried throwing towards the rock piles at the beginning of the jetties and working my way back in.  Not as kelpy as last time, but still a decent amount of stuff floating down there.  I could definitely feel the terrain a lot better now though.  I understand why there would be lots of little fish and crabs around, it felt like there were small piles of rock extending all the way out to the circle outcropping you stand on.  Was definitely interesting.

Found a spot on the right side of the pier where I got some aggressive hits.  Couldn’t stick the hook though.  Guessing it was something very small, based on the strength of the hit, and the lack of any actual hook up.  In the end the only thing I could pull out there was a 3-4″ brown rock crab.


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Elephant Rock Pier

Last night I was preparing to head out to Ft Point* pier this morning when I ran across another pier that I’d never heard of up in Tiburon: Elephant Rock Pier.  Was open 24/7 and I hated crowded piers & highways so I decided I’d go give it a go last night.

Ran out to Marina Foods for bait and learned a very important lesson.  Even though they’re open until 10pm, if you show up at 945, don’t expect the bins of fresh seafood to still be out.  Had to look around in the freezer section for bait.  Settled on trying something new last night, and grabbed some anchovies.  Not sure if this is something new Marina is trying out, or I just got lucky and they had them, but they don’t usually have frozen anchovies.  Best you can do is smelt usually.

Headed out to Tiburon after that and drove right past the pier.  When I read it was only 75ft long I thought it’d be larger.  I saw the restaurant that was right next to it, and figured it must’ve been somewhere further down the road.  About 10 minutes later I realized my mistake and turned around.  Found this when I found the pier and was trying to park

Taped off
Boy can I pick the times well or what…

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